Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Review : Duel Suspension Mountain Bike

The Schwinn Protocol 1.0 is primarily designed for men. It is another great bike created by the manufacturer in accordance with its standards of delivering models in various frames and size to fit the cyclist best.

It perfectly matches the strong build of athletic, sporty guys and individuals with active lifestyles. It is likewise ideal for new bikers who and will get to have good first bicycling experience.

schwinn protocol 1.0

This bicycle is the best choice for casual riders wanting to ride comfortably on the streets and venture off-road whenever they please.

Whether you are raving for some great outdoor adventures or simply want a good transport bike and some form of relaxation or exercise, the Protocol 1.0.

Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Men's Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike

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Speeds and Shifters

Built with trustworthy Shimano Altus 24-speeds and ShimanoEF-50 Trigger Shifters, the Schwinn Protocol 1.0 allows bikers to easily shift between speeds to suit various terrains.

This capability delivers an enhanced overall biking experience to the rider, especially to the avid cyclist who will be delighted with what he can do while riding on this bike.

Limited speed means limited explorations and adventures, such as not being able to climb hills. Some people may prefer single speed, less complicated bikes, but once you come to learn and use this, it’s just plain incredible and you’ll never go back!

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High Profile Rims and Tires

The rims are made of alloy laden with bladed spokes which are light but actually very strong, so there’s no worry of skidding and hurting yourself.

Together with the standard-sized 26″ tires that exhibit excellent grip, you can conveniently and safely use your Protocol 1.0 rain or shine!

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Review of Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Duel Suspension Mountain Bike


Durable Solid Frame

The reliable aluminum frame is complemented with its sturdy steel rear triangle. The construction is evidently of high quality which grants you ample support on whatever trail you want to follow.

This rust-resistant frame is lightweight in itself yet can carry a heavy load of up to 220 lbs. You will be provided with stability without the burden of a heavy bike to drag around, which likewise greatly helps you achieve proper balance.

Pros and Cons
  • Excellent design and dependable quality.
  • Suitable for different terrains and purposes.
  • Easy to assemble, which takes approximately only about 30 minutes.
  • You are empowered on the road to go on any trail.
  • Shifting speeds is quick and easy to perform.
  • Powerful and highly responsive brakes.
  • Reasonably priced, economical mountain bike with great features.
  • It gives any cyclist an edge on being able to ride in style!
  • The need to bring the bike to local bike shop may arise when fine tuning is required.
  • It does not have a water holder.

Superior Comfort and Safety

The MTB handlebars built amidst the four bolt A-head stem, the 18-inch frame and 26-inch wheels gives the perfect bike form that makes its rider comfortable. Any adjustments can be done fast and precisely without ever interrupting your ride.

You can slow down and go as fast as you wish quickly and with ease. Moreover, you can rest assured that your safety will not be compromised with the added security of the Pro Max front disc brakes.



When riding a bike, sometimes it is inevitable to run into obstacles, small holes or bumps. The way this bicycle is made makes them less of a hassle by minimizing the impact as you ride.

The dual suspension system renders the bike easier to control and allows for a better traction ride. This pertains to the SR Suntour suspension fork which minimizes, if not totally eliminates, any discomfort of a rugged terrain.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

  1. Is this a 26″ mountain bike? 
  • Yes, It is.
  1. What is the size of the frame on this bike? 
  • Frame height: 18 . Size: 53 x 8 x 29 .
  1. Can you adjust the front and rear suspension?
  • You can but it’s not easy to adjust the front fork and suspension.
  1. Would this bike be ok at the beach where there is salt water ?
  • From the usability perspective, yes you can. It can stand on damp sand because of having plenty of grip. But, since the tires are not “fat”, so it will be difficult to work on dry sand. Also, it has steel components which may rust.
  1. Does this bike have shocks? If not, would that be a problem?
  • Yes, it has duel suspension. At the front, there are telescopic forks with a spring inside each. At the rear, the suspension pivots next to the crankset comes with a monoshock absorbing irregularities.
  1. What’s the purpose of the “U” shaped tabs/ears with holes on each one of them?
  • Think of it as a seat for shopping basket. You can attach a piece of equipment with it.
  1. How many inch wide is the handle bar from point a to b? a←………..→b
  • 24 1/2″ from outside grip to outside grip.
  1. What size people will feet this bike referring to height?
  • The bike a perfect fit for people ranging from 5.5′ to 6.0′ ft.
  1. Will the bike (rear suspension) allow a bike rack?
  1. Does the back suspension make noise?
  • Not really.
  1. Can I replace the rear shock with a locking one if I wanted to go up steep inclines.
  • Yes, you can. But it’s not necessary. You can tighten the shock and see if that stiffens it up.


Looking at everything this bike has to offer, it presents awesome features and various strengths where the pros definitely outweigh the cons. Many people recommend this bicycle and praise it for meeting the needs of a pro cyclist and enthusiast.

Cyclists who have acquired the Schwinn Protocol 1.0 bike are mostly very satisfied and found it to be worth their money. It proves to be of great value since it ranks the best compared to other bikes that cost about the same price.

Though some people find tuning hard to deal with, it may actually be a good point for some since it can be completely adjusted according to your preferences. The Protocol 1.0 is quite easy to handle, from assembly which takes only a few minutes without any frustration, to finally being able to test it on the road where you can fully enjoy the experience of riding a bike!

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