Review of Overdrive Comp Hard Tail Mountain Bike

Are you searching for a bike which can give you the superb velocity in any kind of hostile terrain? Then the overdrive comp mountain bike 2015 by Diamondback is waiting for you!  

hardtail mountain bike reviews

This bike is constructed in such a way that the riders can have a smoother, relaxed, secured ride along with a great speed. No matter how much craggy the track is, this bike will definitely give you the ultimate amusement of bike riding.


This product is currently unavailable in amazon. We’ll let you know as soon as it becomes available again. 

The specialty of this bike is the saddle and the handlebar which is adjustable according to the riders physical need.

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Frame Material

Overdrive Comp offers a tough butted aluminium frame. The main feature of this frame is the excellent power transfer capability.

Also this frame is strong enough for long time durability.  Aluminium alloy has a good handling performance. Machined headtube improves the strength of the bike.

Butted Aluminium Tubes are mainly used in bike frame for saving weight. As a result the bike also gives you a light feeling while cycling.

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Fork Material

This well-made bike has Rock Shox XC 30 fork which enables 100mm of travel to smooth out trails and enhance handling. Riding a bike equipped with XC fork will definitely make you smiling.

The XC series is the brilliantly affordable suspension platform from Rockshox. XC forks are the best creation to Rockshox trail technologies. This technology offers externally adjustable rebound and lockout function.

So, it is very obvious that whenever this advanced technology is here, your dream of having a craved mountain bike is just waiting for a click to become true.

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Shifter and Speed

Along with 20 speed this bike offers you Shimano Deore shifters and derailleurs. This enables fast, reliable gear changes as you pedal your way up, down and across your favorite trails.

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Prompt Brake

Overdrive Comp Hard Tail 2015 gives you the opportunity to enjoy the promptness of the braking system of your bike. Shimano hydraulic disc brakes facilitate powerful, responsive braking. Even in the unkemptness conditions you will never face the experience of any accident rather you will enjoy a full proof braking facility.

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Crankset is another key part of a good bike. Overdrive Comp has Shimano Deore double crankset (38/24t) which gives the biker a scuffle-free shifting.

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Tire and Wheel Size

This superb bike is constructed with Schwalbe Rapid Rob, 29 x 2.25 tires along with 29 inches wheel size. 29” wheels roll fast and efficiently towards the rider’s destination. As a result it makes the biker capable of being punctual as well.

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This bike has light weight “Center flex HH Cutout” saddle with composite base technology. This technology reduces soft tissue pressure while maintaining excellent support.

The saddle of this bike is specially shaped in such way that runs the length of the saddle to provide both superior comfort. 

Moreover, this provides the rider superb relief for pressure sensitive areas. Consequently this makes this saddle one that you can ride in all day.

Pros and Cons
  • Quite faster in both city and cliffy areas.
  • The best use is in mountaineering.
  • Effective front suspensions and brakes.
  • Relatively lighter in comparison to other bikes.
  • Strong and durable enough for long time use.
  • Well structured and handy
  • Flexible handlebar and saddle
  • Good for beginners.
  • Comfortable enough for day long riding.
  • Quality product at a comparatively reasonable price.
  • Little bit heavy.
  • Saddle may be little bit uncomfortable for some.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Is this bike easy to use?
  • The dimensions and features of this bike is very handy than other bikes. Also it is perfect one for the beginners so it can be said that this bike is easy to use.
  1. Is it good for female?
  • Yes it is a bike that made for both male and female.
  1. Should i buy Overdrive Comp as my first bike for trail riding?
  • This bike has all the qualities which is needed for trail riding. So it can be a perfect choice as a first bike.
  1. What colors are available?
  • Grey is available in amazon.
  1. What does the bike weigh?
  • It is 32.6 pounds .


For having a perfect beginning with a perfect one, you should choose the marvellous overdrive comp hard tail complete mountain bike 2015 by Diamondback. As mentioned before, this bike is totally perfect for both city roads as well as craggy areas with all its easy and handy features.

Then why so late! This bike is for those passionate bikers who actually need colors in their lives. If you want to make yours an exciting one and experience a refreshing ride, don’t miss to pick this bike.

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Frame Material
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