Review of Fahrlander I Placid Blue

If you are in search of such bike that fits your body the most, you are in the right place. In this section we will let you know about the features and benefits of using Fahrlander I Placid Blue by FitWell Bicycle Company. 

Fahrlander I Placid Blu reviews

The various sizes of this bike, which will let you choose the best fitted one for you according to your body condition, make Fahrlander I Placid Blue the special.

For understanding  bikers cycling needs, this bike is constructed in various sizes based on three criteria. Personality, flexibility and body type. Determining these three criteria one can easily choose the right fitted bike for himself/herself.

Fahrlander I Placid Blue

Frame Material

This fantastic bike is designed with double butted aluminum-chromium alloy frame. This frame makes it one of the most lightweight road bikes ever manufactured.

Aluminum-chromium alloy makes the bike lightweight yet strong. Double butted frames are much stronger than other frames. 

When it is butted and shaped to take off excess weight, it can deliver a reasonably light frame that will last through years of hard use. Moreover, it is very responsive and offers good flexion while maintaining its form.

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Brake and Tire

The braking system of this bike is very efficient and responsive. Tektro disc brakes faithfully control the speed of the bike in any hostile conditions.

Also this brake keeps the tire as well as the bike durable and strong enough to use both in paved or cliffy trails. It has comfortable wide Maxxis Columbiere Cockpit 32mm tires which give sure and stable companions for all manner of roads.

It rolls very smoothly and easily with comparatively less effort. Moreover, the easy mobility of this bike will definitely give the rider fast riding feel.

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Variety of Sizes

As mentioned before, the specialty of this bike is the variety of sizes. This feature helps the riders to choose the perfect bike size according to their body structure.

The fit system considers personality, flexibility and body type in developing the bike sizes. Personality will define whether the rider is a racer type or tourist.

Through flexibility measurement, it will be defined whether the biker can touch his/her toes or just his/her shins. Lastly, the body type will determine whether the biker is long torsoed or long legged.

If you are tourist or you are a racer with fair to poor flexibility. For you the Riley Fit will be perfect.

If you are a racer type with good flexibility and a Fit Index of 0-3 (Long Legs) or you are an Alex Fit with only fair flexibility, the  Drew Fit is for you. If you are a racer type with good flexibility and a Fit Index of 3-6 (Long Torso), the Alex Fit is waiting for you.

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Developed Drivetrain

Fahrlander I Placid Blue has a high developed drivetrain including shifters with Shimano Sora, crank with Shimano Sora 50,34, cassette with Shimano Sora 11-32 and chain with Shimano Sora 9spd.

Shimano Sora 9 speed components are used for a wide range of helpful gears which can give the rider the ultimate pleasure of riding experience.

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Maneuverability and Comfort

This bike is built for every kind of hostile or non hostile trails so that people can use it in their everyday adventures and general commuting. It is very handy and easy to mobile.

Moreover, the developed high-quality components make the bike durable as well as comfortable enough for long time use.

Pros and Cons
  • Relaxing enough for its flexible sizes.
  • It is easy to handle with less effort.
  • It has a comfortable saddle.
  • It rolls very smoothly yet faster.
  • It is suitable for both craggy and smooth trail.
  • It has a very effective gear and brake which ensures the instant safety.
  • It is durable enough for its developed high quality components.
  • This bike needs no special maintenance.
  • The unique frame angle and low bottom bracket ensures maximum comfort of the bikers on the road.
  • This bike offers great features and service at a reasonable price.
  • Installing outer features to the bike are also very easy and user friendly.
  • We didn’t find any cons about this bike yet. But we will update this section immediately after we get any cons of this bike.

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Frequently Asked Questions: 

  1. What sizes of this bike are available in the market?
  • This bike comes with five sizes. X Small 5’1″- 5’4″, Small 5’4″- 5’8″, Medium 5’9″ – 5’11”, Large 6’0″ – 6’2″, X Large 6’3″- 6’5″.
  1. What is the fork material?
  • The fork of this bike is constructed with FW Butted CROMO disc.
  1. Is this bike usable for female biker?
  • Yes, this bike is worthy for females because of is flexible sizes.
  1. What are the package heights?
  • The package heights of this bike are 7.87 x 29.53 x 53.54 inches.
  1. What is the wheel size of this bike?
  • This bike owns 700 inches wheels.
  1. What colors are available?
  • This bike comes with placid blue in Amazon.
  1. Is the parts of this bike available in the market?
  • The parts and components of this bike are easily gettable in market.
  1. Can anyone install or add outer dimensions to this bike?
  • Of course, the rider can install outer dimensions such as speedometer, light the bike. It is very easy to install and user friendly as well.


Choosing an appropriate bike according to user’s physical structure is quite difficult for mass people. But Fahrlander I is making the difficult easier by offering various sizes.

Every FitWell Bicycle is designed in such way that offers you to get a bike that is built for your proportions. When the proportions of the bicycle closely match yours, the whole feeling of riding is greatly improved which makes you delighted.

The bike behaves more predictably and your comfort is greatly enhanced. Fahrlander I Placid Blue is waiting for the bikers wanting perfect bike for him/her. If you are so, don’t miss the opportunity of having a great bike riding experience.

8.6 Total Score

Frame Material
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