Review of Diamondback Haanjo Road Bike

diamondback haanjo comp review

Finding such a bike which is designed as road bikes but can give you the pleasure of mountaineering, is somewhat challenging. If you are going through this condition, this article is for you.

Haanjo Complete Alternative Road Bike is such a bike that is constructed as a road bike but can give you the thrill of mountaineering. This bike is capable of performing superbly both in muddy mountainous terrain and in road adventure or in racetrack.

Wherever you run this bike, it will give you the ultimate taste of biking experience. This bike is manufactured by Diamondback Bicycles.

Diamondback Haanjo Road Bike

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Frame Material

This wonderful bike is framed with 6061-T6 aluminum alloy along with Endurance Geometry. This frame allows the bike to be durable and have longevity.

Also this well-designed frame enables bikers to have a daylong comfortable ride. The incomparable endurance geometry has given the bike the strength of carrying  wider handlebars, fatter tires and longer wheelbase than any other of its competitors.

As a result this bike owns the speed of road bikes and durability and strength of a mountain bike.

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This bike is constructed with Shimano Sora 9-speed drivetrain with FSA cranks which stipulate reliable shifting performance. Consequently, bikers can enjoy plentitude of gearing options while riding in any craggy or agile trails. 

The compact Tiagra cassette offers a wide range of gear ratios promising a unequivocal, accordant functionality, no matters where you’re commuting whether to work or enjoying on a weekend bike path ride.

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Responsive Brakes

Similar to mountain bikes, this bike possess Avid disc brakes with 160/140mm rotors which provides authentic stopping quality in a touch, no matter how hostile is the trail.

Moreover, traditional mechanical cable controls  this disc brake to activate a disc brake hydraulic cylinderAs a result, while getting high performance of dependable disc brakes, the simplicity of traditional brakes are enjoyed by the bikers as well.

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Handlebar and Fork

Handlebars play a very significant role in having a relaxed as well as refreshing ride. Haanjo comes with flat handlebars for a better vertical posture.

Flat handlebars make Haanjo more stable than any other bikes. Along with the Gravel Disc alloy fork Haanjo is capable of smoothly running with consistent steering through any kind of hostile and non hostile surfaces. This the another proud feature of this high-profile bike.

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Wheel and Tire

Wheel size and tire quality is very crucial parts of a bike. Sometimes, the well-performance of any bike depends mostly on these components. Haanjo has fatter tires for effective multi terrain capability. 

The Haanjo is well-equipped by 700 centimeters wheel size to handle scratchy and creaseless dirt terrains in addition to abrasive roads with its competent 40c Kenda Happy Medium tires.

This wheel and tire quality ensures the fast and smooth riding experience of bikers to their day to day life with longevity.

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Although Haanjo gives a high-quality performance, it needs comparatively more maintenance  requirement than any other of its counterpart. If the maintenance need is fulfilled, the Haanjo will perfectly offer the rider a smooth, relaxed, secured and fast riding taste.

Pros and Cons

  • This bike owns “Endurance Geometry” which modifies a slacker head tube and longer wheelbase for better performance than any other bikes.
  • This bike is perfect for using in both craggy and smooth trails.
  • HED disc-brake wheels provide a light, fast, and durable set of hoops.
  • This bike comes with plenty of gearing options which really helps the riders during riding any kind of trails.
  • It has integrated head tube for better responsive steering activity, control, and road assimilation.
  • It offers high volume and smooth rolling of  tires which ensures fast performance of your biking.
  • This bike a ideal example of wallet-friendly equipment.
  • Along with high-quality components this bike offers all parts which are easily affordable to riders.

  • This bike needs comparatively much attention for its maintenance compared to others.
  • The quality of tire may be not that much higher in case of having a wide range of terrain.
  • For using in just racing, this bike maybe not the right choice due to the Haanjo’s wider tire which will decrease your speed.
  • If anyone uses it only for mountainous terrain, the brake cable of the bike can be damaged.

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Frequently Asked Questions: 

  1. What is the pedal situation of this bike?
  • This bike doesn’t come with pedal, you have to separately add it to the bike.
  1. What is the minimum tire size the rims will take?
  • This bike is not recommended to run below a 28mm tire and these are wider rims to accept larger width tires.
  1. Is it possible to mount a speed sensor?
  • Depending on one’s speed and cadence system one can put in on either chain stay above or below the cabling.
  1. What about the ride quality, is it overly harsh and jarring?
  • The ride quality is good. Due to the developed components we haven’t found the ride harsh.
  1. What is the maximum tire size that will fit on bike?
  • 35mm tires will be fitted without any complexity. You can even get a 38mm or 40mm in the frame and fork also, but you would not be able to also fit fenders.
  1. Is Haanjo preferable for touring?
  • The 24h wheels are far too light for touring, especially stock wheels. Unless you replace the spokes of your bike, not better to go for touring with it.


Diamondback has really worked very hard to make such a bike which is capable of riding in any trails for almost every kind of rider. Although it would be more lucrative if it doesn’t need regular maintenance.

However, riders who want to have the experience of riding bike on any sort of terrain with comfort and safety, are highly recommended to have a test drive of Haanjo!

8.5 Total Score

Frame Material
User Rating: 3.25 (2 votes)