Review of Cannondale Caad8 Road Bike

The usual taste of being a general bike rider has become monotonous to you. Now you want to have the hilarious ultimate thrill of being an indomitable cyclist. Yes, Caad8 by Cannondale is waiting for you!

Cannondale CAAD8 review

With its marvellous features and high quality components, this bike will help you to conquer your expected destination. The lightweight frame, proper geometry, developed drivetrain and well-made features of this bike will surely meet the needs of any passionate biker.


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Moreover, the tubes of this bike is  inspired by its CAAD10 sibling which has made the bike an excellent choice.

Cannondale Caad8 Road Bike

Frame Material

Caad8 with its lightest-in-class frame has taken the place in the heart of many passionate cyclists. This bike has well-developed CAAD8 S, double butted, 6061 alloy. This kind of frame has maximum tensile strength as well as maximum yield strength which make the bike stronger and durable.

Moreover, the frame is designed with all year riding and commuting in mind. Double-butted frame is stronger enough for the durable use of any bike. So, riders will like the frame design of the bike and will feel satisfied after having a ride.

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Suspension Fork

This superb bike is constructed with Slice Ultra, carbon bladed fork. This suspension fork softens the ride on the arms which makes the ride more comfortable.

Moreover, it  holds front wheel on the ground providing better handling, especially while cornering. Even it allows the rider to ride a straighter line which is sometimes difficult to ensure.

The most common type of front suspension is the “fork.” It is constituted of 2 struts that connect the front wheel to the frame’s head tube. There has one exception which is Cannondale’s proprietary “Lefty” single strut suspension design.

Review of Cannondale Caad8 Road Bike

Review of Cannondale Caad8 Road Bike

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Rims and Tires

Rims and tires are very important parts of any bike. The smoothness of any ride depends on these components.This bike owns Maddux DRX 4000 rims along with VITTORIA ZAFFIRO, 700 X 25C.  tires. This rims and tires helps the bike to move swiftly without any pressurized effort.

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The drivetrain of this bike is highly developed. It offers shifters constructed with SHIMANO 2300. This shifter let the rider change the velocity of his/her bike in any kind of track.

The chain of this bike is also well-made. It has KMC 8-Speed chain. This chain enables the biker to enjoy a smoother, relaxed ride experience.

It rolls very softly yet fast. This bike has hubs which are structured by Formula RB-51/52, 32 hole. Moreover, It’s Shimano parts such as crankset, cassette and shifters are very reliable for a durable use.The seatpost, handlebar, brakes and stem of this bike belong to its own brand component called C4.

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Spokes and Saddle

Caad8 is manufactured with a good quality spokes material as well as a comfortable saddle. This makes the bike durable and lusty.

The majority of the modern bikes are built with steel or stainless steel wheels. Stainless steel spokes are prefered by most of the manufacturers and riders due to their permanency, firmness, damage endurance, and relaxation of maintenance. 

However, the seatpost may create uncomfortable feeling while having a long ride as it will keep the rider upright. However, this upright position makes the rider capable of handling the bike swiftly while daylong ride. Besides, the 34-26 low gear gives the biker the access to the steepest road and hills of muddy terrain.

Pros and Cons
  • This bike perfect choice for passionate cyclists
  • It is very handy due to its easy and futuristic features.
  • The lightweight attribute makes the bike preferable among bikers.
  • Easy handling power makes riders able to keep balance between comfort and speed.
  • This bike is very sturdy which makes it durable.
  • The design is very attractive compared to other bikes.
  • This bike rolls faster with a little effort.
  • It offers great features at a reasonable price.
  • Sometimes the tires may create problem by being punctured.
  • The width of the handlebar may create difficulty as it is wide for some riders.
  • This bike could be the best if the saddle and handlebar were more comfortable.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Is Caad8 good as starter bike?
  • Of course it is a good choice for beginners because it has handy features and components.
  1. How can i upgrade my groupset of Caad8 bike?
  • You can buy a new one or get new wheels and braze on adapter.


It is very obvious and easy  for the famous bike brands to make bikes which cost 10,000US$. But it is quite difficult to design bike like Caad8 with great features at an affordable price.

Although bikers who have a great passion about their cycling will never compromise with the quality of their bike components. If you want to have an overwhelming experience of exciting bike riding with a handsome choice of bike, you should take a test with this one.

This bike will fleetly cover your riding requirement with its high-performance characteristics.

8.6 Total Score

Frame Material
User Rating: 4.9 (1 votes)