Review of Orbea Alma H70 Mountain Bike

orbea alma h70 mountain bike

The Alma 29 design and marketed in 2006 by Orebea was the first product of the manufacturers that was made from carbon fiber. The most recent model very heavily resembles the recent 26incher Alma.

The Alma H70 has a very efficient feel and a smooth-riding rear end. It delivers great power transfer that even out class the better full-suspension machines.

This machine offers a more vertical flex by way of its extended chainstay. It boasts a 3 chainstay crankset coupled with a 10 gear cassette.

The wheels on the bike make the ride smoother and also make the bike faster at top speed.



The Design

Since the Alma H70 is a cross-country bike and cross-country mountain bikes need to be designed lighter and more agile than other mountain bikes, the Alma H70 is designed lighter and more agile than other mountain bikes. It is also design very durable and from carbon fiber which makes it extremely light but also very strong.

This design enables the bike to handle a diversity of terrains with exceptional efficiency. They are the most efficient cross-country bikes with the smallest amount of travel.

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The Frame

A ridged frame although quite rear they are not unheard of. This frame increases pedaling efficiency through smooth trails or uphill. The drawback to this type of frame is that it hinders a smooth rider on bumpier trails and while going downhill.

The Alma H70 has a hard tail design.This design makes the bike speeder and more agile when tackling the rugged terrain of mountain trails. It also make the bike a lot faster at top speed on flat terrains, The large wheel counter acts to smooth out the bumps on these trails.

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Review of Orbea Alma H70 Mountain Bike


The Gearing

This bike has 30 possible gear ratios with thanks to the 3 chain rings equipped on the crankset and 10 gears on the cassette. The front derailleur will require more maintenance. It is very likely to develop play whilst shifting gears because it has so many chain rings.

The combination of the 29 inch wheels and the 42/11 max gear ratio raises the max ratio to 111 gear inches. You will reach very high speeds on flat terrain due to this design.

The bigger diameter wheels make this machine quite speedy and easy to handle at top speeds. Although it may be a bit slouchy on very curvy trails the gear ratio makes the bike a very fast machine.

Pros and Cons
  • Very light design to make the bike faster.
  • Very fast due to the design of the machine.
  • Carbon steering and carbon frame for the ultimate in riding experience.
  • Durable built to last.
  • The bike is easy to handle.
  • It has 3 chainrings and that makes it faster at top speeds.
  • This bike is expensive and not a lot of upgrading option.
  • The big wheels of the bike make it sluggish on certain terrain.


The Wheels

The 29 inch wheels take a bit longer to get going but at top speed the lager diameter wheels make the top speed of the machine very high. It carries a lot more momentum than the smaller wheels.

The larger wheels provide a smoother ride and more grip. It also makes the bike better at climbing than the smaller wheel machines. On tighter twisting trails the extra diameter on these wheels makes them sluggish.

In the case were the race course is faster and not so technical these wheels are perfect. On trails not so twisting and on flat terrain this bike gets to amazing speed thanks to the size of the wheels.

These wheels are also perfectfor trail bikes and cross-country mountain bikes. It is perfect for these bikes that need to be able to climb and need to be able run really fast really over every type of terrain.


Wheel and Pedals

The Alma H70 comes fully assembled except for the front wheel and the pedals. The handles of the bike comes a bit slack and has to be tighten.

The pedal must be assembled and also the front wheel. An assembly video accompanies the product in the box and will show and direct you through all the processes of assemblage.

Some of the experiences of the bike owner include bun not limited to, the durability, putting it through hell and back and it is still solid. It handles well and it is a speedy bike.

It rolls over obstacles really well it is light and a nimble climber. These are some of the up points of the bike as explained by the owner and user of this machine.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

  1. Is this bike affordable?
  • This bike is worth every dollar and due to the design and construction it rides like a cadi.
  1. How does the bike handle?
  • This bike handles really well over almost every terrain. The 29 inch wheels help with climbing and that includes over bumpy terrain.
  1. Is this bike worth the investment?
  • The quality of this bike significantly out weights the monetary value. Bikes in this price range don’t regularly offer the quality and durability that the Alma H70 does. This bike is worth the investment.


This bike gets a rating of 9 out of 10 for usability. The bike is easy to handle on all terrains.

For cost this bike gets 8 out of 10 rating for its features to price ratio. It offers much more diversity in features compared to the other models in its class and that are cheaper in price.

The design and construction of this bike get 8 out of 9 rating. It is constructed with light weight material and that makes it really light and better to handle with on flat terrain or climbing through the tracks of a hill.

The durability of this bike gets a 10 out of 10 rating. This bike although very light the material used for construction is extremely durable.

Could you be looking for a good bike you can rely on, I recommend you go for this type.

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