Mountain Bike Maintenance Tool Kit (25 tools)

In the previous chapter we have learned about different components of your mountain bike. Each component of the bike needs special maintenance.

However, for maintaining and repairing your bike you need to have a dedicated toolkit. So, let’s introduce with all the tools you need to maintain and repair your mountain bike. Remember, these tools are mainly for maintenance and not for professional repairing.

bike tool box

In case of serious repairing like frame misalignment, wheel truing you better go to expert mechanic because these kind of repairs need complicated instrument that is difficult to install and maintain at home.

However, let’s learn about the set of 25 tools that you need to maintain your mountain bike:

2.1 Bike Repair Stand

  Bike Repair Stand

Bike repair stand keeps your bike upright and firm while you work on it and gives a secure foundation. Portable bike repair stands are available in the market that can be attached to the wall or the floor.

Portable bike stands allow the bike to stand in any position you want while cleaning or repairing the bike. It also helps you to change the position of the bike by making it lightweight and easy to move.

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2.2 Wrench


Wrench is an essential member of any toolkit. A 15mm combined wrench (socket and open end) will help you to check the axle nuts, pedals and the tire lever. It will also help you to open the bottle of a tasty beverage when you get thirsty with the tiring maintenance work.

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2.3 Cable Cutter

Cable Cutter

Cable cutter is needed to cut the unnecessary cables of the brake levers and shifters. This dedicated tool has a sharp jaw that can cut the cable very cleanly.

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2.4 Cassette Lockring Tool

Cassette Lockring Tool This tool helps you to remove the cassette to remove the cassette lockring from the freehub located at the wheel of the bicycle. Removing the cassette lockring is necessary to grease them properly. back to menu ↑

2.5 Chain Lubricant

Chain Lubricant

This is a special type of lubricant only made for bicycle chain.

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2.6 Chain Tool

Chain Tool

While replacing a new chain in your mountain bike excess links of the chain creates a havoc. This essential tool removes the excess links and makes the replacement easier.

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2.7 Chain Whip

Chain Whip

Chain whip works in conjunction with the cassette lockring to remove cassette and chain from the freehub at the wheel.

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2.8 Diagonal Cutting Pliers

Diagonal Cutting Pliers

Mountain bike maintenance is full of cutting jobs. So, always keep this handy tool in your tool kit.

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2.9 Electrical Tape

Electrical Tape

This is also a very useful component of your tool kit. From wrapping the wears to repairing the derailleur an electrical tape proves necessary in every kind of servicing.

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2.10 Floor Pump

bike Floor Pump

Bike maintenance cannot be done without a floor pump. Maintaining perfect tire pressure is crucial for mountain bikes. So, collect this equipment and make sure that it has a gauge in it so that you can understand how much air is in your tires.

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2.11 Grease

pure bike Grease

Grease is very important material for your bike’s maintenance. A good waterproof grease is useful on bottom bracket threads, saddles, headsets, pedal threads, and other areas where you have some metal on metal friction. It’s good to use on stem bolts, rotor bolts, brake caliper, and brake adapter bolts.

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2.11 Hammer

bike Hammer

Hammer is not frequently used in bike’s repair or maintenance. However, smooth tap might be needed very often for proper maintenance. For mountain bike maintenance, try to get a both side hammer with rubber covering on one side.

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2.11 Hex/Allen Wrench

Hex Allen Wrench

This essential tool is needed to check the tightness of the screws and bolts in different parts of your mountain bike.

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2.14 Pedal Wrench

  Pedal Wrench

Pedal is a crucial part of the mountain bike. So a dedicated wrench is needed to check the pedal’s fitness or to replace the old pedal. Pedal wrench is just like 15mm open ended wrench with longer shaft as you need for force to unscrew the very tightly fitted pedal bolts.

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2.15 Normal Pliers

Normal Pliers of bike

This is also a very common and handy tool and can be used for many different purposes.

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2.16 Screwdrivers


Screwdrivers are also frequently used to check the screws in different parts of your bike.

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2.17 Shock Pump

Shock Pump  

If you have air suspension system in your bike, shock pump is must to check and maintain the air pressure. A strong, durable valve is a necessary component of the shock pump otherwise it will bleed off the air when you disengage the puump from your bike.

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2.18 Spoke Wrenches

Spoke Wrenches

You need spoke wrenches to tighten the weak spokes of your bike. Spoke wrenches are of various sizes according to the different sizes of spoke. Make sure that you buy the spoke wrench that fits with your bike.

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2.19 Tire Levers


Tire Levers

Tire lever is a very important tool. You will need it to remove damaged or faulty tires. Get a rubber tire lever; metal lever itself can damage your tire by exerting excessive force.

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2.20 Utility knife

Utility knife

A knife is an essential tool for a mountain biker. There are countless number of situations when a utility knife can save your life and the bike.

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2.21 Chainring Nut Tool

Chainring Nut Tool

It will be needed if you want to change or remove the entire chainring.

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2.22 Torx Driver

Torx Driver

Torx driver is an essential tool to adjust and check the disc brake of your mountain bike.

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2.23 Adjustable Wrench

Adjustable Wrench

An adjustable wrench is very useful as it can work on all kinds of nuts and bolts. Don’t forget to include this in your tool box.

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2.24 Pen and Papers


Maintain a pad to record the dates of your servicing or cleanings. Maintain another pad to record the dates of your rides.

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2.25 Flashlight



Having a good view of things is always helpful.