6 Best Mountain Bikes under $1000


Mountain bikes are not for all bikers. These special breed of bikes are for those who need a biking experience along with a thrilling adventure. It is for those who love to trek through all types of terrain whether muddy, dirty or rocky with his/her trusted carrier.

To sustain these adventurous rides, mountain bikes need to be a way tougher and stronger than the normal road bikes. These bikes need special type of components and much more maintenance effort.

So, manufacturers have developed a variety of designs, equipment and added sophisticated technology to make bicycles fit for difficult terrains.

Their price range also differs as there are mountain bikes with very sophisticated technology which can give you comfortable biking experience even if you encounter the most rugged terrain. However, their cost is not at all affordable for most of the bikers.

Again, there are many cheaper designs but if you compromise too much with your budget there is a possibility that you might end up in buying a very ordinary bike which may result in serious accidents as the road where you will use the bike is not at all ordinary. However, in the current market of mountain bike in the US, you will get a wide range of designs where you can get some of the best mountain bikes at a very affordable price.

In most of the cases a thousand dollar is not at all a sufficient price for the passionate mountain bikers. However, according to our market survey, most of the bikers cannot afford more than 1000 dollars to purchase a mountain bike.

So after months of market research, studying the frame designs, a wide range of performance tests we have selected five best mountain bikes for you that you can afford within 1000 US$. Before knowing about these five hardtails, let’s know how we chose those and what made them the best of the bests in terms of affordability and biking experience.

Checklist of the Salient Features

  • Frame Design

Mountain bike gets all of its strength from its frame design. Frames of the mountain bike houses suspension fork and shock absorber. So, it has to be stronger and durable than most of the bikes.

Frames which have shorter distance from the bottom bracket and the saddle are easier to paddle and allow the biker to maneuver the bike more swiftly. Through our tests to determine the maneuvering ability and strength of the design, we have selected five of the best designs that can be purchased within 1000 US$.  

  • Frame Material

Frame material matters a lot for the mountain bikes. Generally mountain bikes are available in steel and aluminum frames.

However, the most sturdy mountain bikes are made of aluminum alloy frames and frames made of carbon fiber. Again there are some aluminum frames which are also very durable due to their effective design.

Our extensive tests with a wide range of frames have figured out some of the best frames that are very durable and affordable.

  • Durability of the Parts

Mountain bikes have several sophisticated parts such as disc brakes, suspension forks, shock absorber etc. Quality of these parts must be ensured in a good mountain bike.

Besides these, all of its parts are heavily exposed to natural elements such as dirt, water and snow. For this reason while making our selection we have considered greatly about these components and their performance and durability.

  • Budget Matters

We have selected the bikes which are all less than 1000 US$ which is a very much affordable price for a mountain bike.

  • Maintenance

Maintenance is a great concern for mountain bikes. During our months’ long test with a lot of bike brands, we have carefully observed which parts of the mountain bike need what kind of servicing.

We have also considered the availability of the spare parts in your local bike shops. According to our experts opinion we have selected the best five bikes which require minimum maintenance without compromising its performance.

The Best Six

Considering a wide range of criteria and putting special emphasize on the mentioned features we have brought some of the best mountain bikes for you. These amazing transporters can take you to any terrain in this earth with much comfort and reliability.

The Best of the Bests

Now let’s know in detail about the ins and outs of these five best mountain bikes within 1000US$.


beiou toray t700 reviewStrength, geometry, reliability and affordability this bike is a complete package of all these essential requirements. Our first position holder and best of all the best mountain bikes that we had tested is BEIOU Toray T700.

This superb bike has a frame made of carbon fiber which makes it one of the lightest yet strongest frame of all other bikes. Carbon fibre frame itself works as a great shock absorber which makes the ride much more comfortable than any other bike.

The carbon fiber used to build the frame and many of the bike parts is called T700 which is the finest carbon fiber available today. In addition to it, this bike has some of the best equipment available in the market.

It has high quality cassette and sprocket and high performance Shimano Altus 370 speed controller. HAO MENG crankset has also very good performance record as a reliable and durable crankset.


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Thanks to these features this bike needs very little maintenance compared to other bikes. Flat handlebar, well cushioned saddle and strong sit post have made it truly the best available mountain bike within the price range of 1000 US$.

This is the best bike available within 1000US$ price range.

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Sorrento Hard Tail Complete By Diamondback

Sorrento Hard Tail Complete By Diamondback This is a great mountain bike which promises quality, durability, and performance. It is made by durable 6061-T6 heat-treated aluminum alloy frame with replaceable derailleur hanger. For better traction and easier rolling, it has large 27.5″ wheels. You can have 21 different gear combinations from 3-speed front derailleurs and Shimano 7-speed rear derailleur. For a simple and confident stopping, it is provided with linear pull brakes. This bike also offers Shimano shifters for reliable shifting.
Sorrento Hard Tail Complete By Diamondback


This is an all rounder mountain bike in a fair budget.

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Montegue Paratropper

Montague Paratrooper Folding Bike

Advanced technology, lightweight and strength include this bike in our top chart however, its servicing requirement and availability in the market make it the 3rd best. Unlike many other bikes this bike is ready to be dropped from the air and can land in any terrain to get right into the action.

Yes, you can guess from its name that this bike is designed to be used by the Para-commandos. So, its robust structure needs hardly any description.

Its 7005 Aluminum frame with FIT technology is durable and lightweight. One of the very distinguishable feature of this bike is it can be folded and carried in your car without a rack.

With CLIX folding system this bike can be folded within only 20 seconds by an expert biker. Its excellent Suntour XCT 80 mm suspension system and reliable Tektro Novella disc brakes offer the joy of adventurous biking to its fullest sense.

American marines have used these bikes in the rocky hills of Afghanistan and said that this bike has shown exceptionally good performance.

Montague Paratrooper Mountain Folding Bike

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However, these bikes need regular maintenance. After a year of use you may replace some its parts especially the crankset. There are several types of counterfeit Montegue Paratrooper in the market. You should also be careful about it. 

This sturdy bike is best for those who has the ability to maintain it.

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 Finiss By Merax®

Finiss By Merax®

The main attraction of Finiss is its lightweight heat treated aluminum frame. It has 26″ double wall aluminum rims wheels that can offer easier rolling. Moreover, for reliable shifting, it is equipped with Shimano 21-speed derailleurs and shifters. Another great feature of this bike is that it has both front and rear mechanical disc brakes.

There is also Suspension Fork 80mm Travel that will provide smoother bumps and increased control.

Finiss By Merax®

his is best for the bikers who want to perform amazing stunts.

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MTB V2 Folding Dual Suspension By Stowabike

MTB V2 Folding Dual Suspension By Stowabike

This is the cheapest among its counterparts. It is a tough bike built to last longer and provided with quality components like dual suspension from the suppliers. It looks great too. There are steel v-brakes for quick and simple stopping.

The main attraction of MTB V2 is its incredible folding frame. Even in tight spaces, this bike allows you to have all the fun of a mountain bike.

Finiss By Merax®

his is best for the bikers who want to perform amazing stunts.

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Overdrive Comp by Diamondback

  diamondback bicycles overdrive 2015Built for speed in hostile terrain and with superb geometry this bike is worthy of this status. Overdrive Comp is a classic hardtail from the renowned bike manufacturer Diamondback. The specialty of this mountain bike is it is not only built for rough terrain it can also attain superb velocity in those terrain no matter how rugged it is. Its 6061 aluminum alloy frame reliable Rockshox Recon 120 mm suspension forks. Its Shimano M447 disc brakes and Shimano Deore drivetrain are also famous among the mountain bikers for their reliable performance. The bike’s saddle and handlebars can be adjusted according to the riders’ height which is a great advantage in mountain biking. However, from some of the user ends’ we have found objections that many of the third party components of the bike especially Shimano Deore drivetrain creates some hazards for the bikers.
Overdrive Comp by Diamondback
However, in this price range third party component is a reality . Again, since a biker has to adjust the bike according to height some of the users have  objected that the bike gives limited option of adjustment and create problem for too short and too tall people.
If you can offer regular care for its different parts, it is the best bike for you.

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Comparative Analysis

  • Frame Design

BEIOU’s frame design is strong and highly aerodynamic. Felt Nine has also a very sturdy design but a bit rigid. Montegue Paratrooper has been designed to carry the bike in your car. Diamondback comes with a heavier design but that makes is even stronger. Giant Talon 29 er is also a bike of superb design.

  • Frame Material

BEIOUS’s frame is made of carbon fiber. Nine Sport has an aluminum alloy frame. Overdrive Comp and Montegue Paratrooper have also high quality aluminum alloy frame. Giant Talon 29 er has an aluminum frame.

  • Durability of the Parts

BEIOU has top quality parts from Shimano. Felt Nine also offers high performance parts and many of them are built by the manufacturer.

Overdrive Comp has very good parts but most of them come from third party manufacturers. Most of the parts of Montegue Paratrooper’s are also very good and durable but you will find it difficult to find the original Montegue parts in the market.

Giant Talon 29 er’s parts have shown commendable performance except its drivetrain and suspension forks.

  • Budget Matters

BEIOU Toray has topped the five with affordable price while giving the best components and performance. Nine Sport has similar kinds of component but it has almost reached the limit of your price range.

Montegue Paratrooper is also very affordable compared to its strength and advanced technology. Overdrive Comp and Giant Talon 29 er have a very good geometry but at this price we could get some of the parts stronger and more durable.

  • Maintenance

Thanks to its carbon fiber frame and top quality Shimano Parts, BEIOU needs nothing more than normal maintenance and its parts are available in all of your local bike shops. Nine Sport is also very strong and requires no more than normal maintenance.

Montegue Paratropper’s advanced technology requires that it needs some special maintenance to get maximum output from it. Overdrive Comp has come with a variety of components made by third party manufacturers and these parts need individual care.

Giant Talon 29 er has also a variety of third party components and some of these needs to be upgraded.

Product titleSaddleSuspension ForkCranksetBrake
Beiou Toray
Beiou Toray
UDING D1 /26
HAO MENG Integrated
Disc Brake


2 Felt Nine Sport
Felt Nine Sport
double-density base
satin steel rails
Rockshox XC28 TK
Mag 29 100mm travel: 29'er
lengths 16.5
Tektro Draco hydraulic disc brake


Mountain with “Center Gap”
SR Suntour
Alloy 170mm crank arm
Front & rear mechanical
disc w/ pad adjustment


4 Overdrive Comp Hardtail
Overdrive Comp Hardtail
DB Race
Rockshox Recon Silver 120mm
Shimano Deore M622 36/22T
Shimano M447 Hydraulic Disc
180/160mm Rotor


5 Giant Talon 29 er
Giant Talon 29 er
Giant Connect, Upright
SR Suntour XCM w/ hydraulic lockout
Shimano Acera, 22/32/44
Tektro HDC300
Hydraulic disc



Mountain bikes are very special type of vehicles. Manufacturers always compromise with parts and strength when they design for limited budget customers. However, amidst a lot of designs you will be able to purchase the best one if you have the knowledge of bike’s features and if you know exactly what you are looking for.

Our suggestion is never compromise with design and component quality to save some cash. It may be a very dangerous decision. Go through the instructions and select bikes following our selection checklist, it is for sure you will be able to buy the best one within your price range.