How to Ride a Road Bike: 10 Beginner Tips to Remember

how to ride a road bicycle tips
The experience on a road bike can be quite different form an ordinary mountain bike. It is necessary for a rider to know a few tips in order to make the experience safer and fun. Learning the basics of road bike is crucial for improving one cycling, especially when cycling in groups.


Most experienced road bike riders can be quite tough on newbies. One of the reason for this is that they pose a huge risk to others in the race. In addition, most of these riders do not consider that newbies know very little about cycling. Most of the time they view the novice as a nuisance, and a hindrance.

Be Attentive

This might seem obvious for any rider, using a road however requires an extra level of attention. The rider needs to be keen about everything around; the eyes should always scan the road just ahead for any obstacles. These obstacles range from tiny potholes, to oncoming motor vehicles and other cyclists. In addition, never ride against the traffic, try to always ride as close to the road shoulder as possible. While it may feel like a lot of fun to face down and watch the front wheel, keep the head up as much as possible. This could help one to avoid potential debris on the road and thus avoid dangerous accidents.

Cycle Straight

This is one of the best ways to avoid accidents. A motor vehicle behind will make calculations because one will be riding straight.

In addition, other cyclists who are behind will expect that one riders in a relatively straight path. This will allow them navigate more easily; failure to do this could result in pile-ups.

Practice Drafting

faster practice

This means riding behind others and using them to break wind. This helps one to save on the energy they use to break air resistance.

Every other rider does this from time to time. If one fails to do it, they will get exhausted faster and will have to drop out much earlier.

However, one must ensure they practice keeping the right distance behind other riders. It is important to remember that the person in front may pull off an unexpected move.

Dress Appropriately

Looking like a cyclist is an important part of using a road bike. Besides that, these clothes are specifically designed with all the challenges faced by cyclists taken into consideration.

Wearing a cotton t-shirt will make a rider stand out as a rookie, which could make the riding experience uncomfortable. In addition, the cotton material could chaff the rider and leave them with unsightly bruises.

Use a soft gear uphill

For beginners, trying to push the body too much when going uphill will cause the body to get fatigued. Consequently, one will burn out quite early and will most likely not complete the race.

Avoid the temptation to coast

This is especially counterproductive when a rider is going uphill. The bike will lose momentum and this will only make it harder to finish the race.

Moreover, even coasting downhill could have very grave consequences for other riders if one is riding in a group. The only appropriate time to coast is if one is alone and there are no vehicles in sight.

Avoid All Cracks

A newbie may at times forget that a road bike has very thin tires. As a result, even the tiniest crack, could cause the tire to be stuck, thus cause an accident.

This is especially true when the road is paved with slabs. Make sure to navigate carefully when close to the points where they intersect.

Avoid Tensing

It is important that one relax their arms when riding. They help to dissipate any sock in case one hits an object on the road. In addition, a relaxed upper torso will make the ride that much easier.

Practice Cycling with one hand

Hand signals are an important part of cycling. In addition, one needs to rehydrate without slowing down.

Learn the language

It is important that one understands the various terms used by road cyclists. Consequently, instructions by fellow cyclists can be understood more easily for a better experience.

Communication is crucial for any sport. In addition, one fits in more easily and can learn a few more tips form the experience riders.


These few tips should get riders cycling with more ease. Make sure to stock up on calories, cycling uses up a lot of energy.


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