The Roadmaster Granite Peak 26-inch Mountain Bike Review

If you are looking for an excellent bike to enjoy your outdoor rides, the Roadmaster Granite Peak 26-inch Mountain Bike will be the best for you. This exclusive bike features 18 speeds and the traditional mountain-style frame with the front suspension. The Roadmaster Granite Peak Mountain Bike

It is an all-round bike which can be used for cruising rugged and unpaved paths or streets in the neighborhood. Its advanced design includes a suspension fork, which smooths the path as you cycle and the tire tread, which provides the best grips as you move through dirt or while on a pavement.



Excellent Workmanship

This mountain bike boasts of excellent craftsmanship in form of the steel mountain frame geometry, which has been specially constructed with riders in mind. The geometry allows for easier riding due to its streamlined construction, which complements the human form.


Top quality suspension fork

Moreover, it has a top quality suspension fork which smooths the uneven paths, hence ensuring you have optimum control as you ride on different terrains.


The Powerful Brakes and Smooth Gearing

 You do not need to worry about gearing as the bike is well-equipped with the SRAM drive twist-shifters, which enable you to switch gears with much ease. The shifters are normally supported by the three-piece crack and the Shimano rear derailleur, which allows you to switch through 18 different speeds smoothly.


Safe Stopping

 You can therefore adjust the bike to the speed of your choice, depending on the terrain or your personal preferences. Furthermore, the powerful linear-pull brakes guarantee you a high-powered stopping ability, which assures you of safe stopping even when riding down a steep hill.



Top Quality Rims and Wheels

 The bike also boasts of lightweight aluminum alloy rims and 26-inch wheels, which provide maximum durability and optimal control during your outdoor adventures. Moreover, these components offer strength and resistance, which in turn guarantees you stability, especially when cruising at high speed or riding down a steep incline.


The Steel Frame Construction

The frame is the main part of any mountain bike as it is here where other parts are mounted. This Roadmaster bike has a sturdy and corrosion resistant steel frame, which provides both stability and durability; aspects that are very critical for any mountain bike.

Pros and Cons
  • The bike is extremely easy to assemble.
  • It is incredibly affordable.
  • The bike guarantees you a smooth ride through any terrain, thanks to the high quality suspension fork.
  • The linear pull-breaks are built on the front as well as rear section of the bike. This offers a higher stopping power and enhances the rider’s safety.
  • It is an extremely sturdy bike, thanks to the steel frame.
  • The bike normally comes in a range of colors, which ensures that you have the color of your choice. For instance, apart from magenta, you can peak a blue or pearl white bike depending on your preference.
  • The seat is uncomfortable especially if you are planning to go on a long ride.
  • The bike’s steel frame makes it a bit heavier compared to aluminum and other types of frames.
  • Its breaks may need regular adjustment.


This Roadmaster Granite Peak mountain bike is no doubt one of the most decent and affordable bikes available on the market. Moreover, the cost of changing the uncomfortable seat and adjusting the brakes is not so high, an aspect that guarantees you a good quality bike at a pocket friendly price.

It is one of the few bikes that can take you anywhere; whether you are planning to go on an uphill or downhill ride, or whether you want to cruise on a rugged or plain terrain, this will be the best bike to use. Moreover, you can use it for exercising or simply add a bike basket and use it whenever you are going on a shopping spree.


A good quality bike is one that is stable, comfortable, affordable and safe to use. It should be a high performance bike with a decent and durable design, features that are prevalent in this Roadmaster bike.

If you are looking for an affordable casual rider for your off-road cycling, the Roadmaster Granite Peak 26 bike will be the best deal for you. Its numerous safety features makes it an ideal bike for beginners, who may not have enough experience with riding.

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