Review of GMC Yukon Fat Bike (26-Inch)

When it comes to Mountain biking, even the sound of it feels exciting. While road bikes are speedy and agile and are mostly suitable for daily commuting and racing on smooth, paved roads, their mountain bike counterparts are more about control and strength and take the riders into rough and off road terrains. As the popularity keeps on increasing, the MTB industry is at the peak of evolution. Recently, Fat bikes are getting more and more attention, mostly because of their formidability.They resemble monster trucks in a way- strength, bulkiness, and accessibility to almost any kind of trail including rocks, snows, and sands. And yes, they have kind of a fancy appearance.

Fat Bike explained

A Fat bike is a bike with extra large tires, generally about 3.8 inches. The size of tires, however, varies to some extent. The tires have more surface area and low ground pressure which makes it quite easy to roll over extremely unstable surfaces like snow, sand, mud, rocks etc.

A fat bike lets you explore roughest of trails provides better handling and makes you feel invincible. But there are some drawbacks including lack of speed and agility, increased weight and requires a lot of energy. Pugsley was the first ever Fat bike. Later on, innumerable models have come out in the market. GMC Yukon Fat Bike is one of the excellent examples of Fat Bicycles.



Specifications and Features:

  • Lightweight 6061 Aluminium Frame for strength and control
  • Aluminium flat Handlebar
  • ABK cable disc brakes
  • High tensile steel fork
  • Shimano Revo 7-speed SL-RS25 shifter
  • 26 x 4″ tires
  • 26” Aluminum Wheels
  • Shimano Tourney TX rear derailleur
  • Shimano Super-Low 14T/34T Cassette
  • Weight: 43.9 lb.
Pros and Cons
  • Anytime, Anywhere: So, ready for an unconventional venture? It’s going to take you places you could never think of. You can ride almost on any type of track and in any weather condition.
  • Aluminium Frame: Unlike most other Fat bicycles, GMC Yukon consists of an Aluminium frame which makes it lighter and strong.
  • Affordable: It’s below 400 dollars. So good news for those who are curious but not sure enough whether to buy this or not. You can try this out without worrying much about money.
  • Good quality Shimano components.
  • The disc brake is another attractive feature . Compared to V brakes, disc brakes are better in terms of performance and durability.
  • Assembly of the parts is very easy.
  • The stock tires are not of high quality. It is better to replace them.
  • Only 7 speeds are available. You can easily go with it but some more would be better.
  • It’s not unusual for a fat bike to be heavy. The excess weight may be a problem sometimes.Cycling can be more tiring compared to the other narrow tire bikes.
  • This is not a speed star. You have to be satisfied with an average pace.


In today’s rising trend of Fat biking, GMC Yukon Fat Bike is a potent competitor. The low cost makes it affordable while little upgrades can make it even greater. If you haven’t ridden a flat bike before, it is recommended that you at least give a test drive prior to purchase. Because it is important to be sure what you are buying. And if cycling is more about recreation to you than covering distance, you are going to like it. So, go for this one and let the world open up for you to cruise.