Review of Giordano Libero 1.6 Men’s Road Bike

The Giordano Libero 1.6 Men’s Road-Bike is a good deal. Whether you want to join a tour or just use it for commuting, this bike is worth every dollar spent on it.

For just around 350 to 400 USD, you have this decent bike.

Though its decency is at its best, you could make it more of a bad boy. Curios? Let’s explore this bike.

Main Features


Giordano Libero 1.6 Road Bike  

The frame of this bike is a 6061 Aluminum with a replaceable derailleur hanger. It is a work of hand craft.

This is your homebuilt aircraft’s fuselage becomes your bike’s frame. 6061 Aluminum is corrosion resistant even though the surface may eventually become grazed.

Well, if you’re biking in rainy season, the light-weight frame will not be your excuse not to get wet.

The fork is high tensile steel. High-tensile steel is resilient though it adds weight to the bike. Well, for a 23 pounds bike, it is not an issue.

The Derailleurs are, well, decent. Having Shimano RD2300 and FDA050 as your rear and front, respectively, assures performance.

Giordano Libero 1.6 Men’s Road Bike

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1 1/8″ Alloy Threadless stem and Alloy Handlebar


libreo 1.6 handlebar review

It is your alloy 42centimetres c/c comes into play. If you like changing your bike’s appearance without worrying of additional weight, threadless stem is your friend. Actually, it makes your bike lighter. Also, adjustment of threadless stem centering is possible without touching the handlebar height.

GIORDANO LIBERO 1.6 Video Review

Review of Giordano Libero 1.6 Men’s Road Bike

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16-speed Shimano S.T.I drive train


Ah, here you go, the special icing of this bike – the 16 speed Shimano S.T.I drive train. For a cheaper entry level bike such as your Giordano, it is pretty decent to have this fancy shifters. Its shifting is easy with minimal fingering .

Sometimes called as “brifters”, the shifters are bit tricky for those new bikers. Don’t worry, being used to the shifting is no brainer.

You could just basically move to a larger ring by pushing the brakes levers towards each other. There is a switch inside the brake hood. Click that and you have the smaller ring running.

Push the brakes lever to the right for the left side or click the thumb switch for the right side, you are shifting up. Click the thumb for the left side or push the brake lever to the left for the right side, you are shifting down.

Pros and Cons
  • It is a red/white color combo sexy.
  • As entry level bikes, it should be a smooth assembling.
  • It’s light-weight.
  • Accelerating is not tricky.
  • Though the shifting is no brainer, it is still tricky for those new bikers.
  • The breaks are just decent but not so effective.
  • Tires wears easily.
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Down Tube water-bottle mounts


No one will forget the simplest feature of bike – the mounts. Actually, the bike has two mounts. Well, if the bike doesn’t need fuel to run, you need your water to fuel your pedaling.

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Decent auxiliary components


The brakes are alloy side-pull front and rear. Though, it is not superior, its compatibility to tires are beyond question. Its crank is a Pro-wheel Alloy Arms 170millimetres 42/52 with the bottom bracket which is VP Cartridge Taper.

The Cassette is a Shimano C.S HG30 8 Speed 110-30. The Vitesse Alloyy 700c 32-hole High V- Profile Silver makes its rims bit classy. The Hubs have 32 hole front as well as rear with quick releases.

This features add up to faster breaking reaction time while retaining stability during abrupt breaks. The tires are 700 x 25 Black-Road Clincher. As usual, it is decent though most certified enthusiast will consider an upgrade of the tires.

The Saddle – one of the tricky component- is a Velo Road Steel-Rails. The comfort depends on who rides it. The Seat Post is a 27.2 x 300mm Alloy-Black.

The Pedals have Alloy Cages (VP Plastic Body). It weighs around 23 to 24 pounds.

Assembling Information

Assembling Information

Review of Giordano Libero 1.6 Men’s Road Bike

Good for you, it’s lightweight. Even after assembly, it’s still lightweight. Upon delivery, you will not receive a bike but a box filled with mechanical parts of what will become your Giordano.

Don’t worry, its assembly is just bit tricky but easy. It just requires assembly of the front wheel, seat, handlebars and pedals to the main frame. The main frame has the back wheel with the chains attached.

Actually, it is just minimal screwing and cutting. With wrench and air pump, you will have your Giordano assembled. Gears may require tune-up.

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Frequently Asked Questions: 

  1. How do I know the appropriate size frame for my height?
  • The manufacturer published suggested size frame depending on the biker’s height and stand over.
  • If your height is within 5’1’’ to 5’8’’ with an average stand over of 28’’ to 30’’, you should get the small 50 cm/20.
  • If your height is within 5’8’’ to 6’0’’ with an average stand over of 30’’ to 32’’, you should get the medium 56cm/22.
  • If your height is within 6’2’’ to 6’5’’ with an average stand over of 33’’ to 35’’, you should get the large 61cm/25.
  1. How light is the bike?
  • It is incredibly lightweight with 23 pounds metals joined together. It means less drag on speed especially trekking elevated and/or rough trails.
  1. Do the Giordano Libero 1.6 Men’s bike ready for a tour?
  • It is entry level though it does not mean you can’t ride it with the more professional bikes. The bike was made for entry level bikers who have tight budget. Of course, every bikers want their bikes to trek a tour’s trail – so you can!
  1. Where to Buy?
  • Buy it from the website of the manufacturer. Or, buy it from amazon.

User Review

Potential have ridden the bike for several miles and he said it holds up very well. The seat was comfortable and gears shifted accurately. Though Pot3ntial considered the break subtle which requires 2-5 ft clearance to come to complete stop at full speed.

John complained that the chain broke only after 12 miles of riding. The chain derails easily during hard pedaling or grind during shifting.

Fitness Rider was proud that his bike got good praise from other riders with “pro” bikes during a tour event. No other bike has better deal with your 400 USD.

8.2 Total Score
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