The Diamondback Overdrive 29er Mountain Bike Review

Diamondback Overdrive 29er If you are looking for an affordable and reliable trail-ready bike for your fun or fitness activities, the lightweight Diamondback Overdrive 29er Mountain Bike will the best for you. It is a versatile and comfortable bike with advanced features that are aimed at making it strong, stable and efficient.

For instance, the bike features the lightweight 6061-T6 Aluminum alloy frame with the butted tubing to enhance its strength. This helps to make it an easily maneuverable machine, which can be used on almost any type of terrain.


This Diamondback Overdrive bike boasts of a number of features which make cycling extremely enjoyable. Below are some of the unique features of this great bike.

Great 29-inch Wheels

The bike has large diameter 29-inch wheels which can roll over different obstacles, whether big or small, with much ease; making it extremely easy to traverse different trails as well as reduce over-reliance on suspension. Moreover, it has an amazing traction and speed, which guarantees you fun while cruising different terrains.
Diamondback Overdrive 29er

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The Lightweight Aluminum Frame

It also features a butted 6061-T6 lightweight aluminum frame which offers optimum strength to the bike. The fact that it is light makes it easily maneuverable, an aspect that makes it easy to ride and control.

Top Quality Hydraulic Brakes

This Diamond Overdrive bike comes with top quality hydraulic brakes which can perform exceptionally well, whether in wet or muddy conditions, without causing damage to the rims or brake pad. They are durable and extremely effective brakes that guarantee you confidence and safety when bringing your bike to a halt.

Comfortable Suspension

Besides the solid and lightweight aluminum frame, this mountain bike will guarantee you a smooth and plush suspension experience. The design includes the 100mm SR Suntour travel suspension fork, which offers superior control and optimum comfort as you ride.

The Advanced Gearing Mechanism

The Shimano shifters and the derailleurs provide a smooth and reliable shift through the 24-gear combination. This enables you to switch to different speeds depending on the terrain and your personal preferences. Moreover, the 24-speed drive-train encompasses 3 chain rings on the front crank and 8 cogs on the back cassette, allowing you to select 24 different gear combinations.

The Verdict

From the numerous advanced features that is possesses, there is no doubt that this high performance bike will be the best, especially for entry-level mountain biking enthusiasts. This is because it offers a safe, reliable and fun riding, thanks to its stability, advanced braking mechanism and many other safety features.

In spite of the rear derailleur and uncomfortable seat, which can be replaced quite easily, this budget friendly Diamond Overdrive is a very respectable bike that will guarantee you value for your money.

Pros and Cons
  • The bike is aesthetically pleasing, thanks to its decent design.
  • Its tires are specially designed to work perfectly well on a wide range of terrains, whether rough or smooth.
  • Its adjustable front suspension can easily be adjusted to suit the rider’s preference.
  • The superior quality hydraulic braking system guarantees you efficient and safe braking, even when ridding at high speed or while on a steep incline.
  • The bike is extremely easy to assemble.
  • Its tires have great traction, an aspect that helps to enhance grip when cruising on different surfaces.
  • The bike also comes in different size options, which means that you can select the size that suits your height.
  • The seat of this bike is an uncomfortable especially if you want to go on long distance rides. You may therefore need to replace it with a more comfortable one.
  • The rear derailleur may need to be readjusted before using the bike.


A good quality mountain bike is one that guarantees you efficiency, stability, safety and durability. It should be made of good quality yet lightweight material, which makes it easy to maneuver under any terrain, qualities that are quite prevalent in this Diamondback Overdrive bike.

If you are looking for a bike with the best combination between performance and value, the Diamondback Overdrive 29er mountain bike will no doubt be the best bike for you. The bike has numerous advanced safety features which guarantee optimum performance and safety even for beginners, who may not have enough experience with biking.

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