Top Six Diamondback Bike Reviews


Are you searching for a worthy brand for your road bike? Yes, you are in right place! Here our effort is to help you out from all kinds of perplexities regarding your choice of road bikes.

There are different brands of road bikes in the market which have versatile collections of bikes. Among those various brands here we are going to talk about one brand named Diamondback.

This well-reputed brand has various sorts of bikes in its collection which helps the bikers to select their desired one according to their requirements. However, we have chosen the best six bikes from their each categories for review so that bikers can easily make their decision to select their perfect one.

But before selecting any bike we all should know how to select them and what factors matter to have a long lasting comfortable riding experience.

How to Choose Right Bike

Before selecting a road bike for yourself, you should know the basic things that really have influence on your secure and perfect biking. Those things are described below:

  • Firstly, one should determine that what kind of rider he/she is. Because depending on this issue, riders have to choose their bikes. There have so many types of bikes for different kinds of bikers such as mountain bike, road bike, city bike, beach cruiser bike, racing bike, e-bike etc. Even bikes are also made for specially women, child, men and for youth. So, before you choose or decide for any bike, consider your biking purposes first.
  • Secondly, the most important and fundamental thing is the frame design as well as the frame material. The durability, rigidity and smoothness of a bike depends mostly on this framing issue. There are various sorts of frame materials such as aluminium alloy, carbon fiber, steel, titanium etc. So, to have right decision regarding choosing right frame material for yours you can visit online sites which will help you a lot.
  • Thirdly, the drivetrain of any road bike is very crucial factor. Drivetrain includes cassette, chain, speed shifter levers, shifters, rear derailleur, brakes and gear options. All these parts are very much important to have a secure, smooth long lasting ride.
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How We Selected The Best

While selecting the best road bikes of Diamondback, our prime concern was to give riders maximum quality products that ensure their ultimate delight of cycling.

We have selected one bike from each category so that riders can have knowledge about all individual type of bike. In this regard, there were some key factors on which we focused most.

1. Selection of Design

Selection of design for a perfect bike is not that much easy as it sounds. This is because, the comfort ability and durability of any bike depends on this factor.

Moreover, it also has influence on the use of the bike. For example, bike which is used for regular commuting, can not be used for mountaineering of course.

Again, bike which is structured for men specially, can not be usable for women. So, our experts have selected the best road bikes for the best use of any specific task, according to the age or level of the riders.

2. Aerodynamics

The comfort and pleasure of riding any bike depends mostly on its aerodynamics. Bikes which have a great velocity with less effort and good working components, can give the riders this relaxation of riding.

To select such worthy bikes we have taken a test drives by our experts. After once they recommended the bikes positively, we picked them as the best.

3. Comfort

Comfort is one of the major issues in case of riding road bikes. If the rider can not feel comfortable, there can be accidents or unexpected incidents. So comfort ability of the bikes was always in our mind while selecting them.

4. Frame Material

One of the basic factors on which the durability of bikes depends is the frame material. There are various kinds of frame materials in the market by which bikes are constructed.

But it defers the quality of the bike according to the price level. So, we considered the frame materials of the bikes while selecting the best.

So before making any purchase decision one should must compare the frame of the bikes. In this case, there have several factors that should be kept in consideration.

For example, weight, geometry, plain-gauge tubing, butting, internal butting, double butting, triple butting, external butting, welding, and extended welds.

5. Test Drive

Without having any test drive there can not be proper selection. For this reason, our experts have taken these bikes in different trails such as flat, smooth, craggy, muddy, mountainous, dirty, flat racetracks with bends and without bends, steeper roads even uphills and downhills.

After a wide range of extensive researches, we have selected the best six.

6. Gearing Options

Gearing options are very important to have a great velocity in your commuting. Many bikes offer a wide range of gearing options.

To select those bikes one should be careful because the best selection of gear for you depends on a large number of variables. For more information you are invited to visit online websites.

7. Drivetrain

As mentioned before, drivetrain plays a great role in having smooth durable ride. So, among several concerns, selection of strong well-performing drivetrain was one prime consideration.

We have picked bikes those have a high quality drivetrain so that riders can smoothly travel with their desired bike.

8. Cassette

Cassette provides a wide range of gear sprockets on which your chain can run. The larger the number of “teeth” on the sprockets, the faster you can roll your pedals.

Therefore, it makes your ride more easier and smoother. A good range of gears on your cassette allows you to choose the best gear to use for keeping your pedalling as smooth and as fluent as possible.

This helps you to be more efficient on the bike. You will have more information if you visit internet sites.

9. Availability

Availability of the key parts of bikes was of the main focuses of us. Because most of the riders concentrates on this matter.

They want the components of their bike to be available on the market. We also keep this fact in our mentation in selecting process. The core components of our selected bikes are available in the local and online market as well.

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The Best Six

After a wide range of extensive tests and researches, at last, we have selected the best six road bikes of Diamondback. These bikes are the collection of their each category or section of bikes.

1. 2016 Podium Equipe

2016 Podium Equipe bike

This superb bike is selected from the section of “Racing Road Bikes” of Diamondback. If you are a dreamer of heroic mountain passes and are fan of lined promenades of big European stage races, Podium Equipe 2016 worths you.

This bike is a wonderful creation of Diamondback. This bike excretes the real spirit of competition to the challengers. It is the most fastest and most streamlined bike to associate.

Furthermore, its Advanced Monocoque Molding Process SLP carbon construction allows the bike to have a hand built sub-900 gram frame that is built for upper crust competition. Its incomparable layup uses above 300 individual pieces of carbon lamination, combining with the characteristics of optimization to ride and execution.

2016 Podium Equipe

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Consequently this makes the bike enough compliant to go the distance. However, it has Full Shimano Dura-Ace 11 speed group along with HED Jet 4 wheelset.

Its Continuous Fiber Technology monocoque unifacial carbon fork with tapered steer tube and carbon dropouts enables the bike to have unvanquishable steering preciseness. Further, this bike possess Shimano Dura-Ace (53 / 39 t) crankset which ensures its superior power transfer.

PF30 bottom bracket allows the bike to be effective under acceleration. Bikers who are quite passionate for experiencing road racing thrill,  should definitely take a test drive of this superb  Podium Equipe.

2. Haanjo Trail

Haanjo Trail 2016 road bike

Haanjo Trail is one of the smooth path bikes which enables riders to have a relaxed commute through any kind of trail in the city. Whether for short or long trip to your destination, you can blindly believe on the Haanjo! This bike is selected from the City Commuter Haanjo Series section.

Although Haanjo is made specially for comfy commuting of the commuters, this bike is kind of chameleon because of its equal effectiveness in part commuting and part mountain road crusher. 6061-T6 aluminum alloy frame along with Endurance Geometry configuration  made the bike more lightweight and durable any other of its competitors.

The relaxed, endurance geometry allows the rider’s upright position on the bike comparative to the other road bikes. However, this endeavors to combat against tedium as well as irritation on long commuting.

2016 Haanjo Trail

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The fork which is full monocoque carbon fiber with a tapered steer tube, can provide a cackle-free control on any kind of surface. This bike is structured with Shimano Ultegra 11 speed drivetrain which ensures the durability of the bike along with a high performance.

Further, the HED wheels comes with general-purpose 40c tires which helps the rider to convert his/her velocity to any changes. Moreover, the Haanjo Trail’s brake in updated from Shimano to the full  hydraulic system.

Therefore, it helps the riders to halt their speed effectively according to the demand of the time and terrain condition. However, this bike is preferable for its high performance with great modulation which will really value your biking effort.

3. Airen 2

2016 Airen 2 review

Airen 2 is such a road bike which is specially made for women to let them have a comfortable ride in their everyday commuting. However, this bike is chosen from Women’s Endurance Road section.

This excellent bike is made for those women who want to have a comfy posture along with effective riding feeling on their every ride. Airen 2 is  constructed with Women’s Specific Road Disc Custom Fully Butted 7005 Alloy frame.

Moreover, its Enhanced Performance Geometry allows the riders to have feelings of  fitting  in  a custom bike. Besides, EPG ensures the upright position of the riders while riding the bicycle which is relatively more vertical than the racing bikes.

Consequently, this helps to battle against the stress on the neck and lower back of the riders. So, it is very obvious that this bike is perfectly made up for women considering their physical requirements.

2016 Airen 2

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However, its Shimano hydraulic disc brakes make the ride more responsive, as it deliver the straightaway velocity controlling power.

This effectiveness of brakes is a must for a secure ride. Airen 2 is outfitted with Shimano Ultegra 2×11 speed drivetrain which includes Shimano FC-RS500 Compact, 50/34T crankset, Shimano Outboard Bearing bottom bracket, Shimano Ultegra FD-6800, 31.8 front derailleur, Shimano Ultegra RD-6800 rear derailleur, Shimano ST-RS505, Dual Control 11spd Hydraulic Disc shifters and so on.

These high-quality keyparts allow the bike to perform smoothly yet strongly in any kind of trail for long travel as well. DBR Disc Carbon Road Fork with a tapered alloy steerer tube let the bike to perform more effectively in any kind of situation any time.

This bike owns HED Flanders C2+ disc wheelset along with Michelin Dynamic Sport 700*28c rim that accords the riders to have a faster rolling capacity with comparatively less effort. Again, it makes the ride more smoother in different sorts of terrain.

However, this bike really worths the value of your riding whether it’s about everyday casual ride, friends hangout or a total entire trip. If you are confident enough for choosing yours, you are most welcome to have Airen 2.

4. Podium 700c

2015 Podium 700c road bike

As Diamondback has different bikes for all age people, kids are not outside of its considerations. Podium 700c is specially designed for kids.

This is the bike from “Youth Road” category of Diamondback. 6061 aluminum alloy framed Podium 700 is quite lightweight enough for kids to handle easily while having their ride. Further, its Junior Aero Alloy straight blade fork allows little bikers to have smooth yet hefty ride.

This handy bike owns Shimano 8-speed drivetrain including FSA Tempo Compact, 34/50T crankset and DB Equation R 700C wheels. Therefore, this compact gearing lets the kids to alter their gears to modify the velocity of their bikes according to the situational needs.

Podium 700 comes with Shimano Claris Caliper brakes which enables the responsive and effective function of the bike when the trail is not that much supportive. It has DB Equation R 700C wheels with Chaoyang Viper 700*25c tires.

2015 Podium 700c

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Consequently, it helps the bike to roll more smoothly yet faster with comparatively less effort. However, Podium 700c is quite well made for younger road bikers who want to have the thrill of biking in their early age.

Little  angels who want to gain the pleasure and fun of life with a durable bike are strongly recommended by Podium 700c.

5. Sorrento Hard Tail

Sorrento Hard Tail

The Sorrento Hard Tail comes with a lot of innovative features and functions that can make your adventure more fun again.This is a mountain bike from the “Recreational” series of Diamondback

This bike boasts of linear brakes made of Tektro alloy, easy trigger 7-speed shifters, top notch tires, multiple frame options and Shimano derailleurs. To achieve a solid frame, its aluminum frame has been heat treated well so that it can stand up to different weight capacities without breaking or flexing. There is also a replaceable hanger for its DB 6061-T6 frame. With an alloy crown, it also comes with a 60mm travel fork (Trail XC).

The suspension fork of Sorrento Hard Tail is very smooth and effective. So, without fear of bumps, rocks and crevices, you can breeze over rough trails. That means you can take out this bike without worrying that you will return with an aching backside.

Sorrento Hard Tail

The Sorrento Hard Tail offers multiple frame size options to ensure comfort for people of all sizes on the bike. These frame sizes include 16″ 18″ 20″ and 22″. The bike has linear pull brakes for simple and confident stopping.

The Sorrento Hard Tail has well established itself as a mountain bike of entry level which can definitely meet all your needs and exceed all your expectations.

Sorrento Hard Tail

Top Six Diamondback Bike Reviews


At the end of the day, we all need a reliable, well performed bike which can give us the genuine taste of biking experience, making our life full of fun. To do so, selection of a branded even the perfect bike is a must.

People who are passionate bikers will do anything for their right selection of bike. And our effort is to help you out to make your decision absolutely correct. So, be confident and go ahead for your next challenging adventure!