You are looking for the best road bike under 1000 bucks. Yes, you have come to the right place.

In this section we are going to tell you what to look for and how to make the best purchase while buying road bikes with a budget not more than 1000 dollar.

With this budget you can buy some of the best designed and high-performance road bikes. However, you must know about the features that you need in your machine.

This is because, the manufacturers often compromise with the component and design of the bikes while designing for limited budget customers.

However, if you are a bike enthusiast and a passionate biker there are a lot of opportunities for you within this budget of 1000 US$.

Focus on 3 Things Before Purchase

Firstly, what kind of road bike do you need actually? Some bikes are very lightweight and racy made for flat and smooth roads. Some bikes are heavy but fitted with wide gearing range and wider tubes that are suitable for any kind of roads muddy or bumpy.

Secondly, you should look for the frame design and frame material. In this price range you should chose the bikes with aluminum frame with carbon fiber forks. These bikes are really lightweight, durable and have smooth braking and suspension system.

Thirdly, look at the cassette size of the bike. Cassette size means the range of gears of the bike. Range of gears also matters the number of teeth in the chain ring.

In this price range you should purchase bike with compact chain ring that allows a wide gear range. Compact crankset (chainring and cassette) increases the gear range 13% than the standard crank set.

To make it more clear, a bike with compact crankset with 34 tooth chainring will give a top gear speed of 56.1 km per hour while peddling at 100 rpm. And a bike with standard crankset with same configuration will give not more than 52.1 km per hour.  

Check out here to find the difference between compact vs standard cranks.

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How We Selected the Best Five

We have selected the best five road bikes for you under 1000US$. While testing the road bikes for our short list we have conducted extensive design selection tests, riding tests, testing performance of key parts of the bike, cost effectiveness, assessing the maintenance requirements and availability of the bike and its parts in the global marketplace.

  • Design Selection Tests

Our experts have tested a wide range of road bike designs under the price limit of 1000 US$. It was quite a challenging task to find out the best performing design within such narrow price limit. However, while selecting the designs the following things were our prime considerations.

  • Aerodynamics

Road bikes are made for speed and comfort. We have shortlisted the best five designs which are purpose built for speed by maintaining superb aerodynamics in their patterns.

  • Comfort

Comfort is essential for road bikes. In this regard we have extensively tested the design’s comfort potential by testing the design’s balancing capability, saddle quality etc.

  • Frame Material
Road bike design comes with a variety of frame materials. However, after testing all those existing frames we have only shortlisted top quality frames made of aluminum alloy called Chromoly and aluminum frames.

  • Riding Tests
After selecting the designs our expert bikers have taken those bikes to different types of roads; dirty, muddy, flat racetracks with bends and without bends, steeper roads and uphills and downhills. During the riding tests we have also tested the frame’s strength, performance of suspension forks and braking systems. Our riders’ accounts also help us a lot to make sure of the comfortability of the shortlisted bikes. While including the best five, we have ensured that these bikes are most comfortable, are purpose built for all kinds of roads, durable frame strength and suspension forks of carbon fibre and aluminum alloy.

  • Performance of the Key Parts
Some of the bike’s key parts can make a lot of difference such as brake capacity, suspension system, crankset, gearing options etc. While shortlisting the best five, we have ensured that these bikes have the best quality components within the mentioned price range.

  • Cost Effectiveness
All of our five shortlisted bikes are less than 1000 US$, however, without compromising the performance as much as possible.

  • Maintenance Requirement
Road bikes need regular maintenance and many bikers are not skilled in this technical work. So, maintenance requirement and availability of its parts in the local and online market were some of our top priorities while selecting the best five.

  • Availability
All of the five selected bikes can be obtained in most of the renowned online marketplaces under 1000US$. These bikes are also available in the local bike shops throughout the United States.
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The Best Five

Based on our tests and research on several road bikes, here, we have presented five best road bikes for you. Among these five road bikes we have declared one bike the best of the bests. These bikes are lightweight, durable all with aluminum frame and carbon fiber fork and obviously with compact crankset.

The Best of the Bests

  • The Champion
After months of riding and extensive testing and research, we have declared the number one and the best of the bests in Fitwell Fahrlander 1 bike one of USA’s best bicycle manufacturer; the famed Fitwell Bicycle company.  
  • The Second Choice
The second choice is Cannondale CAAD8 7 Sora, an American-Canadian breed that is one of the best designs ever for its reliable parts, aerodynamic design and smooth handling and balancing capacity.
  • The Third Winner
Our third winner is Haanjo 2016 from Diamondback Bicycles for its versatile capacity and design strength.
  • The Great Fourth
Our fourth choice is Vilano Forza 2.0; a very smooth and aggressive bike and perfect for flat racetracks with superb parts quality.
  • The Fifth Marvel
And finally the 5th best road bike is Schwinn Men’s Prelude which can give you remarkable cycling performance in a very affordable price. Let’s know the features in detail that make them shortlisted as the road bikes with best performances under 1000 US$.
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FitWell Bicycle

This is the best utility road bike you can obtain within 1000 US$. Double butted aluminum-chromium alloy frame makes it one of the most lightweight road bikes ever manufactured. fitwell bicycle The bike is fitted with Tektro Lyra disc brake that increases durability of the tire and the bike as well and accessibility to every kind of road whether paved or not. Shimano Sora drivetrain gives very smooth pedaling facility and superb gearing range to the biker. The drive train is fitted with Shimano Sora compact 50/34  crankset and Shimano HG20 11-32 9sp cassette. The bike has various sizes for all types of human structure whether tall or short or male or female. Its very unique frame angle and low bottom bracket ensures maximum comfort of the bikers on the road.
FitWell Bicycle Company Fahrlander
With high tech Tektro Lyra disc brake which can control speed reliably under any road condition, this bike commendably tops all the road bikes in our short list. According to the riders very there are very few road bikes which can be steered as smoothly as Fahrlander at high speed. The bike also needs no special maintenance. Installing outer features to the bike such as speedometer, light etc. are also very easy and user friendly. Verdict: The best road bike within the price range of 1000 US$.
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Framed Minnesota 2.0 Fat Bike

This is another awesome road bike having more than all the features of other bikes for just under $1000. The Framed Minnesota 2.0 comes with everything a biker wants. You can also select it from a variety of attractive color options and designs. Not only on the road, but you can also perform well in the beaches and bogs, mountains and even in snow. Framed Minnesota 2.0 Fat Bike

It is built with a 6061 alloy frame. For better performance and easy shifting in any riding condition, this bike comes with SRAM X7 and X5 in a 2X9 drivetrain. For a flawless stopping power, Framed has added AVID BB5 mechanical disc brakes to it. According to the riders, this bike’s tires really deserve to be 365-day tires. The Framed Minnesota 2.0 can offer you everything you desire in a road bike at a very effective cost.

With the wheel sets of Fattie Trail 29 and Fattie Slims™, this bike has been made as multi-purpose as possible. The Fattie Slims™ wheelset is also capable of riding 29er slick wheelset. Without any mechanical skills or tools, you can easily switch this bike from a fat set up to a lighter set up and ride faster with its additional wheel set options.

Framed Minnesota 2.0 Fat Bike
However, this upright position enables the biker to handle the bike more swiftly. In fact it is far more agile than many other road bikes. It’s 34-26 low gear gives you the access to the steepest road and hills of muddy terrain. This model is available in black or red. Verdict: This is an all-rounder bike for both racing and adventure.
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Haanjo Bicycles 2016

Although designed as a road bike, this bike can also superbly perform in muddy or mountainous terrain. During off-road adventure or on the racetrack, this bike will give you the ultimate biking experience. This bike’s frame is built with 6061-T6 aluminum alloy and designed with Endurance Geometry this bike can ensure you of longevity and durability than any of its counterpart. Haanjo Bicycles This unique endurance geometry allows the bike to have wider handlebars, fatter tires than most of the road bikes and a longer wheelbase than most of the mountain bikes. As a result this bike has the speed of road bikes and durability and strength of a mountain bike. The bike is fitted with Shimano Sora 9 speed drivetrain and large FSA cranks provide smooth gear shifting. As a result, a biker enjoys plenty of gearing options for riding through unpaved roads or while riding uphill or downhill. Like mountain bikes, Haanjo is fitted with HED disc brakes. However, this disc brake is controlled by traditional mechanical cable to actuate a disc brake hydraulic cylinder. As a result, you can enjoy the simplicity of traditional brakes while getting high performance of dependable disc brakes. Haanjo’s another proud feature is its Gravel Disc alloy fork which gives a very smooth steering facility. However, it is said that Haanjo needs more maintenance than many of its counterparts. If you use it in a wide range of terrains, then you will feel that manufacturers have compromised with its tire quality.
Diamondback Bicycles 2016 Haanjo

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And if you solely need a race bike, Haanjo’s wider tire will decrease your speed. Again, if you use it only for mountainous terrain it’s brake cable can be damaged. However, for bikers who need to ride in various terrains with comfort and safety Haanjo still offers one of the best options.     Verdict: It will be very useful bike for adventurous bikers provided that the bike gets regular maintenance.
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Vilano FORZA 2.0 Aluminum Carbon Shimano

It is one of the best road bikes that is affordable without compromising its performance in a wide range of roads. The bike’s skeleton frame is made of aluminum which makes its very light and also durable even if not as durable as chromolly frames. However, the bike is fitted with 12k racing fork made of pure carbon fiber which ensures superb handling and steering performance. Vilano FORZA 2.0 Shimano Tiagra derailleur in the rear and Shimano 9 shifters give a widerange of gearing options and make it a very aggressive and fast road bike. Thanks to the rear Shimano Tiagra derailleur and Shimano Sora front derailleur, the chain moves very smoothly and almost quietly. As a result the speed of this bike is incredible. It’s aerodynamic design and 28 wheel size enable the biker to obtain maximum speed from this kind of road bike.
Vilano FORZA 2.0 Aluminum Carbon Shimano

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However, according to the bikers, the saddle of this bike is not that comfortable. Some bikers have alleged that they have got 26 wheel instead of 28 after purchasing and with slightly bent crankset. You have to buy this bike partially assembled and with a assembling guidebook. So while purchasing it do not forget to check all the parts and components. Verdict: A bike built for speed lovers who love to hit the race track.
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Schwinn Men’s Prelude Bicycle

Although this bike is actually designed for men, considering its sport quality, performance and utility we have included in our list of the best road bikes. However, with little modification in the saddle it can also be used by women. Schwinn Men's Prelude bike Schwinn Men’s Prelude road bike is the perfect machine for regular bikers. It’s frame is made of premium quality aluminum which is lightweight but durable. Further the frame is coated with aluminum powder which gives a dazzling shine while protecting it from corrosion by different natural elements. The bike’s handlebar and saddle are adjustable. Since the bike is originally designed for men of 5 feet 7 inches and above these adjustable handlebars and saddle make it usable by women and shorter men. Although the bike’s frame is made of aluminum, it’s wheel rims are made of fine aluminum-chromium alloy which gives extra strength and protection for the wheels. With adjustable handlebars, saddle and lightweight frame, the balance of this bike is superb. With a wide range of gearing options, the shifting is very smooth and swift. The bike is fitted with coaster brakes which can be unfamiliar and uncomfortable for many bikers. Due to coaster brakes, some bikers find it difficult to brake when needed urgent and emergency brake.
Schwinn Men's Prelude Bicycle

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It is also found that the bike needs heavy and regular maintenance to perform satisfactorily. And for shorter men and women this design may prove a bit uncomfortable even after readjustment. However at this price (you can find it even less than the mentioned price), there is a little chance that you will find a road bike with such strength and quality performance. Verdict: A very durable and utility road bike within affordable price range.
Product TitleSaddleSuspension ForkCranksetBrake
FitWell Fahrlander Bicycle
FitWell Fahrlander Bicycle
FW Flex Base Cross
FitWell Crome dise fork
Shimano Sora50,34
Levers: Sora


2 Cannondale Caad8
Cannondale Caad8
Optimized 6061 Alloy
Cannondale Stage
Ergo w/ Steel Rails
Carbon blades, 1-1/8
FSA Vero, 50/34
Dual Pivot, Cartridge Pad


3 Haanjo Bike
Haanjo Bike
Diamondback G.P.
Alloy 1.5
FSA Gossamer Cross Mega Exo
Avid BB5 Mechanical Disc


6061 Double Butted Aluminum
12k Carbon
Tec9 170mm


5 Schwinn Men’s  Bicycle
Schwinn Men’s Bicycle
Schwinn Padded Road
Schwinn Approved Alloy
42/52-tooth Road
Schwinn Approved Alloy
42/52-tooth Road



Passionate bikers do not hesitate to spend thousands of dollars for their trusted and precious road bike and the bike manufacturers are very much aware of it.

As a result to buy a high performance, quality road bike under within 1000 US$ is quite a difficult job.

You have to compete with those passionate bikers and as well as you have to outsmart the bike manufacturers with your knowledge of cycling and observation power.

However, sometimes amateur bikers compromise with bike’s quality to find a cheaper model. Our suggestion is “never do it”. Your road bike is the career of your life while you ride on it.

So if you compromise with comfort and quality in exchange of money, you might endanger your own life. Remember, the best buy also requires the best fit.

So, buy a bike with affordable price if it fits well for you. Otherwise, wait and save and then buy the best one adding some more cash.

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