Best Dirt Jump Mountain Bike


Imagine, you are flying over the surface of craggy mountains. Although it sounds kind of fictional but it can be experienced. Yes, this hilarious and thrilling taste of riding is possible to get by having Dirt Jump Mountain Bike.

Dirt Jump Mountain Bikes are not for everyone. Among numerous kinds of bikes, dirt jump mountain bike is different and specially made for extra-ordinary riders who want to get the ultimate thrill of biking through a great challenge of life.

As this sort of biking is really very invigorating and challenging, riders need quite strong and well-equipped bicycle in order to have a secure yet enjoyable ride. For having the better information and selecting the best options of dirt jump mountain bikes our effort is turning into the article as a helpline or guideline.

In case of selecting bikes there are some basic fundamental factors that should be kept in consideration before making any purchasing decision. For having knowledge about those factors you may visit our other articles.

What is Dirt Jumping:

Dirt Jumping refers to a certain style of biking that comprises tall jumps usually made of dirt and mud. Although they will often have a gap, it must be cleared. To do dirt jump effectively there are many different types of tricks that are followed by bikers. Usually dirt jumping is done in craggy mountain areas with dirt jump mountain bikes that is known as one of the forms of mountain bike.

Basic Attributes of Dirt Jump Mountain bike:

Dirt Jump bikes are usually quite strong with 4 to 6 inches (100 to 150 mm) of front suspension, and rarely any rear suspension (3 to 4 inches, 76 to 100 mm, if any), with as many as nine gears or as few as one. For a quality ride experience these bikes are constructed in such a way that they are able to roll faster with their well-made tire. With geometry of 24-26″ tires, as well as a bashring (a type of bashguard) replacing the largest ring on the crankset, dirt jumpers typically enjoy their sport. Dirt Jump bikes are usually structured with low seatposts and oversized handlebars.

The Best Five:

To ensure riders safe, secure as well as enjoyable yet durable dirt jumping, we have selected five best dirt jump mountain bikes which are capable enough to give riders the ultimate taste of dirt jumping with their developed high performing equipments and features.

Last Updated: 06/04/2017

Redline PL26 BMX Cruiser Bike

With more than 40 years of dirt-riding on the calendar, Redline’s PL26 BMX Cruiser is yet another crackerjack! If you loved the iconic PL24, this one’s going to steal your heart too. This new spin on the classic retro look combines state-of-the-art geometry and styling with great riding quality. It’s designed for age 13+ and/or height 5 ft +.

What’s unique is the full chromoly frame with sealed Euro bottom-bracket and fork that are surprisingly lightweight but tough enough to take all the bumps and jumps. The fork has tapered legs for extra strength while the frame comes with an integrated headtube to keep the strength-to-weight ratio really tight. Wheelset quality is superb, with Alex DM22 double wall rims ensconced in Tioga PowerBlock rubber, aluminum hubs, and an extra flip-flop hub just in case you’d like to add on a smaller rear-cog. Perfect for tackling those nasty parking-lot curb hops. Bear cage styled pedals with a roomy 9/16” platform gives you all the stability you need. And that gets you well set for a day-long trip, neighborhood cruise, occasional wheelie or hitting the tracks for a couple of gates.

Other key features include chromo dual pinch flight cranks, friendly 39/17 gearing, KMC Z33 chain, fully sealed front and rear hubs, amazingly styled Kashimax retro form saddle and premium Tioga power block 26” tires. You’ll need to get your own seat-cover, though. Colors available are dazzling white and gloss black, which are sure to grab eyeballs whenever you take the bike out. The strong steel frame provides a solid riding experience and the total weight is just 28 lbs! The bike’s classic looks keep the nostalgia factor alive, while taking nothing away from this baby’s ability to rip. It’s a fitness bike, trail bike, cruiser all rolled into one.

The 80s are back again, they just got bigger and better!

Redline PL26 BMX Cruiser Bike
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KHE Equilibrium 3 BMX Bicycle

Looking for an affordable all-rounder bike? Then the KHE Equilibrium 3 BMX Bicycle is the perfect choice. In a cheerful, bright, eye-catching matte orange it’s hard to miss this set of wheels on the road. Suited for most types of terrain, this is the nicest gift you can give your kid so that he or she can take their ride to the next level. Easy to maneuver, weighs just 26 lbs this bike’s frame is designed for ages 8 to 12, ideally. Whether your kid is a beginner or a more experienced enthusiast, this is a heavy-duty performer that will serve them well for a long time to come.

Take a peek at features- this bike’s fully loaded with them – the Affix Rotor system is something that does away entirely with the external detangler and uses a couple of neat shims in the frame’s headtube to operate. Great stuff if you like to do double barspins or whips! Other goodies include two pegs and a three-piece crank, 25-tooth sprocket, along with the KHE Pro geometry. The steel rear U-brake, heavy duty aluminium rims, steel handlebar and four-bolt Promax aluminum stem ensure superb driveability and comfort. One thing’s sure – this bike’s a great introduction to anyone who wants to try a BMX.

Well-built and sturdy, the bike has amazing riding and braking qualities, making it one of the safest products in the market today. At 54”L x 38”W x 28”H, this is a single speed bike that will take your kid safely back and forth and it’s German manufacturing at its very best. As a very popular model option in the middle of the BMX bike price range, and though there are dozens of other models in this bracket, it’s a winner. And it’s certainly flying off the shelves!

KHE Equilibrium 3 BMX Bicycle
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SE Bikes Ripper X BMX Bike

If you’re planning to get something for your 11 or 12-year-old bike enthusiast, the SE Bikes Ripper X BMX Bike is absolutely the right pick. It’s race ready right out of the box and has always enjoyed the reputation of being the bike of choice for kids who want style plus speed. So whether your kid loves speeding round the local track or simply enjoys zipping all over the neighborhood, here’s how to make it safer and more fun for him/her. SE has been building BMX racers since the early 1970s and have stayed on top of the game. This model is designed for the youngster who’s looking to move into a 19” pretty soon down the line. The custom-butted frame is ideal for power transfer because it’s so lightweight.

The lightweight super stiff aluminium 6066 frame and landing gear 6061 Cro-Mo steerer tube pack enough punch to make this bike a dream ride. At an amazing 16.5 lbs this is what the term “featherweight” is all about. Crafted specially to accommodate the younger racer who’s training for the sport but not yet ready for the full size 20”, this Ripper is for kids who are serious about competing and getting used to riding in the optimal race position.

Alex C1000 rims with alloy hubs, forged steel alloy cranks, SE racing pad-set with a classic Ripper racing seat are other features that make this bike responsive, strong and packed with age-appropriate geometry. This bike is available in Metallic Copper and Silver colour options. If you want to add a touch of exclusivity, the “40 Years of Radness” numberplate and alloy valve caps do the trick. The bike is shipped partially assembled and you can certainly look forward to an hour of fun and bonding with your youngster, putting the whole thing together.

SE Bikes Ripper X BMX Bike
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Redline Asset 20 Inch Freestyle BMX Bike

Designed just to suit the 14+ year old age group that’s ready to make it real on the trails or skate park, the Redline Asset 20 Inch Freestyle BMX Bike is the perfect pick. Plus it’s great for shredding the neighborhood streets. It’s also the right choice for those in the height bracket of 4’8” to 5’8” and that includes bigger kids and adults. The 9” Big Box Bars are an amazing asset for show-off wheelies because they provide superb front end lift. The Kenda Ticket 20 x 2.25” tires which happily eat up whatever you send their way, and the Monster headset give it character and personality. Monster pedals, sealed bearing, 100% Cro-Mo 3 piece tubular cranks, aluminum fully sealed rear hub and 14mm Cro-Mo axle are added features that your youngster will find absolutely cool.

Redline is one of the most respected names in Freestyle and BMX and have clocked in with plenty of firsts in this sector. Available in classy black, the Redline Asset 20 Inch Freestyle BMX Bike weighs in at a solid 26 lbs and the big fat pedals make it a comfortable and stable ride. The tough frame and fork are constructed around a symmetric geometry that can protect the rider from harm in a botched landing. The tall, wide steel bars provide lots of leverage and punch for that extra zing.

Freestyle BMX bikes are superb for trick riding and stunts on ramps, dirt tracks and skate parks. They’re usually made from high tensile steel which gives them a mix of weight and strength. If you’re looking for a racer, pick one that’s made from lightweight aluminum. The smaller 20” wheels give it lower height for tighter handling and style. You’ll need to match your tire choice to how you plan to use the bike – that way you can avoid over or under spec’ing.

Redline Asset 20 Inch Freestyle BMX Bike
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Framed Twenty6er BMX Bike Mens


“Live your life, Forget your age!” That’s what the Framed Twenty6er BMX Bike Mens shouts out loud and clear. This all new class-act bike is a fun, friendly bike with great responsiveness and superb strength and toughness to take you just about everywhere you want to go. Main features include disk brakes, plush seats, aggressive styling and the great good looks plus functionality you expect from BMX. If you’re yearning to hit the streets in classic BMX fashion, this one’s right for you, combining comfort and rugged handsomeness in equal proportions.

It’s smooth and gives you that old familiar feel to the ride and wheelies are challenging but fun! The scaled down 26 x 1.75” wheel size provides all the right moves of the Twenty9er but with added safety and comfort. The tough frame is built, finished and welded superbly and the lightweight wheels do their job and then some more! The longish 24.5” top tube length is great for taller riders.

Ideal for the young-at-heart but older-in-other-places crowd, this is the bike for someone who’s also on the heavier side of the scales, because it’s sturdy and hardworking too. The cushy seat makes you feel like you never want to get off! Since BMX wanted this bike to stop on or for a dime-player, they’ve deployed their own Framed Rear BMX disk brakes and this is certainly something that’s not available anywhere else. This is a big boy rig, with loads of style and panache, unique features – plus it delivers a super smooth ride every time, with an added tough-as-nails personality.

The Framed Twenty6er BMX Bike Mens is a great base for future upgrades and changes if and when you want them. Nice color and styling, high quality parts and if you’re looking for something simple and uncomplicated to ride along with your wife and kids, here’s the thing for you.

Framed Twenty6er BMX Bike Mens


Riders who really want to fly in the air being on the ground, dirt jumping is the best choice for carrying out their craving dream. However, while choosing a dirt jump mountain bike being careful is a must because dirt jumping is not all about close at hand. This is something very challenging and risky job to do. Therefore, if you have your trusted and perfect one, it will be easier as well as handy for you to maneuver the tricks. Then why so late! Select your perfect one and go ahead to bat a thousand!