Review of Best 7 Beach Cruiser Bikes


Are you tired of riding your stale bike on the beach? Are you facing trouble in riding your general road bike on the sand of the beach?  

You are definitely missing the genuine pleasure and fun of cycling in the sea shore.  If you don’t want to miss the delight of cycling on the beach, rather want to have fun along with stimulating air and the plash of waves you should own a right beach cruiser bike.

In this article, our heartiest effort will be to avail your decision making process. Here we are going to provide the beach lover cyclists with a trenchant information about the best seven cruiser bikes.

Things should be compared before buying

Beach cruiser is not for all kind of bikers. Moreover, this bike is not like other general bikes. So, before purchasing a cruiser bike one should study about some factors.

  • Firstly, the most important factor is the bike size. If riders do not buy proper sized bikes accordance with their physical fitness, the entire taste of biking is hampered due to its uncomfy positioning. In this regard, first of all riders must decide whether they need men or women frame. After that the proper sized frame should be taken in consideration.

  • Secondly, the need of gear is the consideration that is a must. Whether you need a single speed cruiser or multi speed cruiser, this is the main concern of this factor. In case of a single speed cruiser bike, it contains no gear rather offers a traditional coaster brake. On the other hand, multi speed cruiser presents variety of speeds.

  • Thirdly, selection of frame material of cruiser bike is very important for having the strongevity and durability. There are either two materials by which cruiser frames are constructed- aluminium or steel. Steel frames are not that much well for long lasting use due to its poor components and heaviness. Further, steel frames are very rusty which decreases the ultimate utility of the bike. On the other hand, aluminium frames are comparatively lightweight yet equipped with high quality components. Although aluminium frame bike is expensive than the steel one, it does not allow the bike to be rusted.

  • Fourthly, the last but not least important fact is the style of the cruiser bike. Before you purchase a cruiser, you should know about your style, purpose of riding the cruiser so that you can buy accordingly. In this case, one should consider also facts that determine the duration of biking, comfort ability of the bike and so on.

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How We Selected The Best

Selecting the best among a diverse collection is always challenging. However, after a wide range of extensive researches and several test drives, we have picked the best seven beach cruiser bikes for all kinds of riders.

While selecting those bests the following factors were in our prime considerations.

1. Frame

Generally cruiser bikes come with two frame materials which are steel frame and aluminium frame. Although steel framed bikes are cheaper than the aluminium ones, our bests are framed by aluminium frame due to its well performance and rustless attribute.

2. Design Selection

Cruiser bikes are generally famous for its unique designs. While selecting the best ones, one of our main concerns was to select the most attractive bikes for riders so that they can have a feeling of choosing the right one.

Moreover, for women our selection of design is quite better than others.

3. Frame Geometry

Although beach cruiser bike is specially made for relax comfy cycling in sea shore, the frame geometry is important for the relaxation of the ride.

If you are interested in having a long endurance rides on beach kind of 50  miles or more, you should choose a bike that has a relaxed, upright, touring geometry. Therefore, we selected such cruiser bikes which can offer you a great riding feeling.

4. Aerodynamics

The key purpose of riding cruiser bike is to have fun with comfortness. And this comfiness depends mostly on the bike’s aerodynamic. Our selected best bikes are enough streamlined to transfer power while riding.

Consequently, this helps the riders to have a comfortable and relaxed ride.

5. Comfort

As above, having fun with comfy ride is the main purpose of having cruiser bikes. So, if the bike is not  able to give that comfort it’s all ruined at once. Thence, we tried to select highest possible comfy  bikes.

6. Maintenance

Maintenance is a great fact for having a durable bike. Moreover, most of the people don’t know the proper way of maintaining bikes. As single speed cruisers have less components compared to other bikes, so the maintenance of these bikes are quite easier.

7. Weight

Aluminium framed cruisers are lightweight than the steel ones. Moreover, these are equipped with high qualified components. While selecting the toppers we gave priority to the lightweight aluminium beach cruisers.

8. Test Drive

For selecting the best, test drive is a must. Consequently, our experts have taken these bikes to test drives for several times in different conditions.

9. Availability

Availability of the desired bike along with its core components is a major fact. While choosing the best cruisers, this factor was strongly in our mind.

We have chosen the best top rated beach cruiser bikes from Amazon so that riders can easily get them according to their requirements.

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The 7 Bests

After a long research and wide-screen test, at last, we selected the best seven beach cruiser bikes which really worth your attention. These are following:

1. Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser

2.Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser

Firmstrong Urban Lady is a 26-inch women’s single-speed cruiser bike that offers a comfortable, easy and relaxed riding.

It comes with 17″ durable steel frame and 24″ or 26″ aluminum wheels with a classic curvy beach cruiser design.This bike comfortably fits most women up to 6′ tall.This bike is can comfortably carry up to 350 pounds.The bike looks very stylish and comes in a variety of colors including baby blue,mint green, vanilla,yellow, orange, pink, purple, red, black and metallic charcoal.

Firmstrong Urban Man Alloy Single Speed Beach Cruiser Bicycle

For a cushioned ride, this bike has Kenda white-wall balloon tires. It also has easy-to-use coaster brakes in the 1 and 3 speed models.In the 7 speed model, there is a dual braking system which can firmly hold the rear and front wheels.It has oversized seat with dual springs and wide handlebars with synthetic rubber grips to enable its riders enjoy more comfort and hold firmly.

Although this bike is shipped 80% factory assembled,some components may need to be adjusted with the help of experts.

2. Firmstrong Urban Man Alloy Single Speed Beach Cruiser Bicycle

firmstrong urban man beach cruiser bicycleWhile talking about any single speed classic beach cruiser that pedals easy and rides smooth, the name of the Firmstrong Urban Man can not be ignored.

This wonderful bike is an ideal one for guys who need to have ride within the town, with friends for casual riding or for enjoying the beach biking. However, this single speed bike is structured very simply with coaster brake and framed with Classic Cruiser Design.

This one brake, one gear bike has complicated gear system and no cable. However, by just paddling backward, the rider can use the brake. This is called the coaster braking system which is the genuine attribute of beach cruiser bikes.

The core theme of this bike is simplicity, because this bike is constructed in such a way so that it can be rolled without any complicated technology yet smoothly with less effort.

Firmstrong Urban Man Alloy Single Speed Beach Cruiser Bicycle

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This bike owns beamy cruiser bike tires and cushy cruiser saddle which make the ride soft, easygoing and relaxing. Consequently,the seat and the tires will absorb most of the shocks coming from the bumps of the bike ride.

However, this bike is a good choice for men who want the thrill and pleasure of biking with their beach cruiser. This bike is presented by Firmstrong.

3. Micargi Rover GX

Micargi Rover GX is specially structured for men who are around 5’2″-6’0″. This bike offers a satisfying utility to the riders for their relaxed, comfortable ride. Although this one is framed with steel, it can provide riders with the opportunity of tasting a pleasing riding flavour.

This bike is offered by Micargi. Moreover, its 26 inches wheel size allows bikers to have a smooth and faster riding experience with less energy force. KT 1-speed hub with coaster (pedal) brakes let the riders to stop effectively whenever needed.

The weight limitation of this bike is 220 lbs and the tire pressure is up to 40 PSI. This lets the bike to be used for long uses in the heat of the beach.

Micargi Rover GX

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However, as it is a steel framed bike so it can be rust due to moisture environment. But proper maintenance may prevent this for some time. Moreover, this bike needs cleaning practice in weekly basis.

4. 26″ Schwinn Fairhaven Women’s 7-Speed Cruiser Bike

Schwinn Fairhaven Women's 7-Speed Cruiser Bike review26” Fairhaven Women’s Cruiser Bike is an ideal choice for women to have a relaxing, enjoyable and functional ride. This bike is presented by Schwinn.

If you are one who wants to enjoy his/her ride with family and friends around the neighborhood on a beautiful appraise worthy bike, you are most welcome.

This beautiful creamy-colored bike has 7-speed grip shift shifters with Shimano rear derailleur for allowing riders prompt shifting options.

Also its alloy linear pull brakes provide responsive and confident stopping power. With spring saddle, this bike produces a satisfying extent of comfort.

Furthermore, this bike lets the riders a comfy upright position which battles against physical strain. This color-coordinated stylish bike has fenders which protect riders from getting wet in any weather or season. 

26 Schwinn Fairhaven Women's 7-Speed Cruiser Bike

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5. Colby Cruiser Duke 4.0 Fat Tire Beach Cruiser

Colby Cruiser Duke 4.0 Fat Tire Beach Cruiser bike reviewColby Cruiser Duke 4.0 Fat Tire bike is a good performing bike which can be reliable enough for having a satisfying ride. This freeride bike is offered by Colby Cruiser.

However, this bike is offered with 26″ diameter rim with 68 spoke high tensile steel spokes and aluminum nipples which provides a quick rolling of the bike along with smoothness.

Moreover, it is constructed with coaster-brakes. Coaster brakes give the bike the capability of delivering cushiony (no sudden jolts), seamless, and more accordant stopping power in city traffic. Also coaster brakes require almost zero maintenance or adjustments.

So it will help many riders to use the bike in a handy way. This bike comes with raw color which is preferable to many cyclists. The dimensions of this bicycle is 29 x 9 x 59 inches and it weighs 58 pounds. However, this bike has limited life warranty.

Colby Cruiser Duke 4.0 Fat Tire Beach Cruiser

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6. 26″ Huffy Women’s Nel Lusso Bike

26 huffy women's nel lusso bike brown26″ Huffy Women’s Nel Lusso Bike is a bicycle which is providing many facilities along with its competencies of well performance. This bike is offered by Huffy.

However, Huffy Nel Lusso features a front basket with adequate room for placing your sweater, phone, keys, bags and other important materials. If you want to store or carry more things you can easily use the rear rack of the bike.

Moreover, for keeping your preferent drink at your fingertip, the convenient beverage holder is ready on the handlebar. These features are very rare in case of road bikes or cruiser bikes.

But this beautiful cruiser bike is giving all these at once so that riders can have the ultimate relaxation of cycling. Again, the classic fenders of this bike will keep you dry in every weather.

26 Huffy Women's Nel Lusso Bike

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Also with the comfortable padded spring saddle and dual-density grips and pedals, you are going to surely appreciate this bike. Moreover, this single-speed bike has a handy coaster brake which needs comparatively less maintenance efforts and will deliver a great utility by offering effective performance.

Riders, who have problems with the nerves of their hands, and find it awful to use hand-operated brake levers every time, will be benefited by using coaster brakes.

However, 26″ x 2.35″ creme cruiser tires have also good performance record in case of having smoother and faster ride.With 200 lbs weight limit and  67″ L x 26″ W x 43″ H dimensions hopefully this bike will meet your expectations.

7. Fito Modena EX Alloy

Modena Ex is built specially for men so that men can also enjoy the taste of biking in beach sand. This well-performed bike is constructed with Aluminum alloy frame. Aluminium alloy prevents the bike to be rusted no matter whether it is exposed to the water. Moreover, its stem, handle bar, seat post and rims are also made with aluminium alloy. KT 1-speed hub with coaster (pedal) brakes, lets the bike to be more prompt at the time of emergency. The weight limitation of this bike is 220 lbs. Further, the tire pressure of up to 40 PSI allows the bike to perform more effectively for a long tour.
Fito Modena EX Alloy

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However,the extra padded oversize saddle & vinyl leather grips with free bell & lock enables the high performance of the bike. The rim and wheel size of this bike is 26 inches. Fito Modena Ex cruiser bike comes with two colors, one is black and the other is red. Although this bike is 85 percent pre-assembled, some components are needed to be adjusted with the help of professionals.

8. Women’s Brisa SF Aluminum Alloy 7-Speed Cruiser Bike

In the list of the best seven the name of Women’s Brisa SF Aluminum Alloy 7-Speed Cruiser Bike is a must. This bike has a well performance record. This one is manufactured by Fito. Women’s Brisa is constructed with Lightweight yet anti-rust aluminum alloy frame. This enables the durability of the bike because of its anti-rust power. Moreover, this bike’s handlebar, stem, seatpost and rims are also made of aluminium alloy. However, the rim size of this bike is 26 inches along with 26” H x 2.13” D tire dimensions and 26 inches wheelset. Furthermore, drivetrain along with Crank Forward Design and Shimano Tourney 7-speed derailleur, performs very smoothly.
Women's Brisa SF Aluminum Alloy 7-Speed Cruiser Bike

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Its  Promax hand brakes which follows the rim braking style, allows responsive action when needed. This bike possess 29.5″ lowest seat height, 200 lbs weight limitation, and tire presure up to 40 PSI. Accompanying by extra padded oversize saddle, vinyl leather grips as well as free bell & lock, this bike offers really high performance to the riders.  


There are various kinds of beach cruiser bikes in the market. But a very few are worthy of your purchase. Our heartiest effort is to provide you with the features of the top rated beach cruiser bikes from amazon so that you can easily purchase your preferred one.

Nothing is equal to your biking on beach with your family, friends and near one because it fills your life with a great feeling of thrill, pleasure, and love which is priceless. So, to have this taste of life harmoniously, one should choose the perfect wheeled vehicle for himself/herself.