Review of BEIOU® Toray T700 Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike


Are you a mountaineer who really wants to have real adventure in life? If you are, this is the exact place from where you can get a trustworthy review about a favourable bike which is BEIOU® Toray.

beiou toray t700 review

Considering strength, geometry, reliability and affordability this bike is a perfect one having a complete package of essential components and features.  It perfectly matches with the needs of a passionate mountaineer who wants to experience a hilarious ride on his desired secured bike.

Also this bike is assembled with high quality components which are available in the market. Moreover, the maintenance of this bike is much easier compared to others.

Beiou Toray T 700

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Frame Material

BEIOU® Toray has an excellent frame made of Toray T700 Carbon Fiber which made the bike lightweight as well as strong.  The major advantage of buying a mountain bike with Carbon Fiber Frame is incredible durability.

Because, we all want to have such bicycle frame which can support our weight and can provide many miles of bike riding delectation. A bike with carbon fiber frame can take a beating and bear up without breaking under pressure which makes the frame almost indestructible.

Carbon Fiber framed bikes are also capable of absorbing shock. So, this bike is designed such a way to take the majority of the shock so that riders can experience much smoother and more pleasurable ride.

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Brake Type

This bike contains Dual Disc Brake which enables the rider more consistent braking in all conditions. It is also much cheaper to replace a worn rotor than a whole wheel.  

It is the best for steep or wet terrain and works with less finger strain. However, this consistency of brake makes the bike controlling easier.

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Speed Control System

This bike has a fantastic speed controlling system along with SHIMANO ALTUS 370 (9S) which enables the rider to accelerate or decelerate his/her bike speed according to his/her will.  However, it has prominent record of  sprocket along with secondary execution Shimano Altus 370 speed controller.

Hao MENG crankset has a precise handy execution record as a dependable component which enables to have a secure and comfortable ride.

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Qualified Rim and Tire

Along with Aluminum Alloy rim material, this bike has lighter wheels which can improve handling by reducing unsprung mass and permit suspension to perform well in the required mean time. 

This sort of wheels give more stupendous quality over immaculate metals, which makes the tire substantially softer and more flexible. Although aluminum alloy is lighter but the strength remains same to furnish finer heat conduction.

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Suspension Type

Suspension is the framework of tires, tire air, springs, stun absorbers linkages that associate a vehicle with its wheels also permits relative movements. So, it is very important while choosing a mountain bike that what is the suspension type of your desired bike.

This bike is combined with front suspension which helps the vehicle’s roadholding/handling and braking for great dynamic safety and crashing pleasure, and keep vehicle travellers satisfied sensibly because of withdrawal of way noise, bumps, vibrations, etc.

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Maintenance and Comfort

This bike will be a great choice for its high quality parts which are very much acquirable in the local and online market at a reasonable price as well. However, this bike requires a minimum maintenance which can be done by even anyone.

As a result, the rider can use his/her affectionate bike for long time as much as he/she wants. Moreover, this bike is very comfortable to ride because of its high profile components, structure and features.

Even proper handlebar, great padded saddle and solid sit post constructed it as fantabulous within the reasonable cost.

Pros and Cons

  • It is comfortable enough for having an exciting ride.
  • Strong and well structured to fit with the rider’s body.
  • Durable for using long period.
  • The parts and components are available at reasonable price in markets.
  • Easy to assemble and has a good balance.
  • Lightweight
  • Good enough within a reasonable price.

  • We did not find any cons yet about this bike. We’ll continue the hunt and definitely update you about  the cons as soon as we come across any.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Is the item durable?
  • Yes it is.
  1. Is this item easy to use?
  • Yes it is easy and comfortable to use.
  1. What are the dimensions of this bike?
  • This product has different dimensions such as  53.2 x 9.8 x 21.6 inches and item weight is 26.24 along with shipping weight 33.1 pounds.
  1. What is the frame and wheel size of this bike?
  • The frame size of this bike is 15″/17″ and the wheel size is 26”.
  1. What is the speed system and speed of this bike?
  • The speed is 27 and the speed system is  Shimano Atlus 370 (9S)
  1. What is the suspension type?
  • The suspension type is front suspension.
  1. What is the frame material?
  • Frame material is Carbon Fiber.


If you are a passionate mountaineer who really wants to enjoy his/her mountain rides hilariously, this bike is perfect for you. It meets all the needs of a rider with high quality performance, within an affordable price. Moreover, it will enable you to have a secure, comfortable and gratifying ride experience.

8.6 Total Score

User Rating: 2.59 (8 votes)