Top 5 Best Mountain Bike Tires

The best mountain bike tires

best mountain bike tire pressure

The best mountain bike tires for most cyclists come with an array of great features and designs that are undoubtedly next to none. For anyone looking for a tire to use on their mountain bike, then any of the tires reviewed in this article will definitely be worthy of your money.

Why you should trust us

You have every reason to trust and believe what we have highlighted here. We say this because we have purchased and used each of the tires that we have reviewed in this article, and we are therefore able to tell the difference between crap and value.

Aside from that, we have received certification from relevant authorities, concluding that we are indeed a legal business that can be relied on by the public.

Who is this for

You will have to buy tires once in a while, if you own a mountain bike. Although most mountain bikes come with a set of durable and highly effective tires when new, they end up wearing out with time because of several factors such as bad weather.

As we all know, a bike with bad tires is quite dangerous to ride, and it can end up causing more harm than joy to the user. So, if you’re a looking to find the best tires that will be serve you well, then you have come to the right place, and this article is definitely for you.

How we picked what we tested

The main factors that we took into consideration while testing the tires were:

  • Tread life
  • Speed rating
  • Ride Quality
  • Tire size

We also sank deeper into some reviews from ensuring to carefully read what consumers actually complained about. We also talked to other calibrators and reviewers to know what they might seen and used in their work that really overwhelmed them, even if they hadn’t formally reviewed these particular tires.

Aside from that, we also relied on several top-class online mountain bike forums and these really turned to be really helpful. Here the conversations range from mountain bikes, tires, hydraulic disc brakes, etc.

We figured that a particular brand of tires must really meet the essential factor previously mentioned in this article in order to make on the list of the crème de crème.

How we tested

To pick out the best tires, each of them was tested using the highest and most recommended testing standards. We also invited a team of professional tire testing experts from different parts of the country to ensure that our results were fair and unbiased.

Using some of the best testing tools that are currently available in the market, we were able to test on every crucial aspect that makes up a great mountain bike tire.

We were able to determine the exact rating speed of each the tires and derived a well table of the results. We tested how each of the tires behaves when riding in different terrains as well as weather.

Most of the tires we tested had claimed a good speed rating as well as performance, but this was not exactly the case as our results indicated otherwise. However, we did manage to compile a list of the best tires that we really thought deserved to be termed so.

Maxis Ardent 3C EXO T-R Tire

maxxis ardent folding tire review

Designed to close the gap between the trail specific Ardent and the XC Ikon, the Ardent Race 3C is a quick-rolling tire that we found to have decent stopping power when braking and superb grip when cornering, especially considering its minimal-sized knobs.

If you have not got along with Ardent tires in the past, this is one is indeed a different beast. We found Maxis to have nailed the best formula for rolling well yet feeling assured on just about all things from roots, rocks, and trail-centre to loam kitty litter.

The tread pattern is indeed excellent, although it differs slightly from its predecessors by not having any shoulder knob. Cornering traction felt more assured and predictable with the more continuous ridge or trough between the edge blocks and the crown.

We also tested its speed rating and can guarantee that it is quite amazing and faster to accelerate.

Maxis Ardent 3C EXO T-R Tire

Save 30%

  • Light weight
  • Superb cornering traction
  • Large volume to support aggressive riding
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Schwinn Street Comfort Bike Tire with Kevlar

Schwinn Street Comfort Bike Tire with Kevlar

The Schwinn Tire is highly recommended for those who are looking to upgrade their mountain bike tires to comfort tires.It has Kevlar belt under the tread center which can effectively reduce punctures to the tire.Moreover, it also comes with shallow close knobs for smoother ride through pavement or dirt.

This tire has been seen to fit the rims of most of the mountain bikes perfectly.The tire is also very easy to install,It can inflate to 40-65 lbs on the sidewall.The dimension is 6.8 x 6.1 x 5.7 inches and weighs only 2.2 lbs.

Schwinn Street Comfort Bike Tire with Kevlar

  • Comes with folding wire bead.
  • Kevlar belt under tread center for reducing punctures.
  • Shallow close knobs for dirt or pavement.
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Continental Double-Fighter 2 Urban Tire

continental double fighter 2 review

The Double-Fighter2 is a 26er bike tire from produced by Continental. It offers mountain bikers a reliable and a rugged option when riding on off-road spots. We found this tire to be pretty perfect for Sporty ATB as well as trekking options, and it rode quietly and smoothly on tarmac roads too.

The tire’s design includes a strong sidewall which protects your bike when riding in areas that are littered with sharp objects. Moreover, the tread on the center of the tire proved important because of their great grip on smooth and wet surfaces.

This amazing tread was also found on the company’s first tire series mountain called the Double-Fighter racing tire. In addition, we also found the tire’s knobby size to be perfect for dexterous and quick riding.

Continental Double-Fighter 2 Urban Tiree

Save 23%

  • For trekking bikes and sporty ATB
  • Assured traction with fast center tread on the tire
  • Tire rolls quietly and smoothly on
  • Strong sidewall to protect it from urban debris
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Maxis Minion DHR Tire

maxxis dhr review

The Minionn DHR tire has elegantly been designed with hard-hitting downhill mountain biking being taken into consideration. Well, we conclude this because the results we got after testing this tire clearly support this fact.

It incorporates silkworm and ramped knobs protection in its entire construction. The ramped knobs are included both on the rear and front side of the tire, and their other role is also to allow for optimum accelerating and braking, as well as to minimize rolling resistance.

The experts we had with us also highlighted the importance of the tire’s silkworm protection stating that it really did have an important role in longevity of the tire. This is definitely great news to mountain biking enthusiasts as this ensures that they will indeed be riding for a very long time to come.

Maxis Minion DHR Tire

Save 6%

  • Large volume to support aggressive riding
  • Silkworm protection
  • Directional ramped-knob design – rear and front
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Kenda Neveegal Tire

kenda nevegal review

The Kenda Neveegal is part of the John Tommac signature series that is exceptionally very popular in the world of MTB. The beauty and joy of this mountain bike tire was clearly witnessed in muddy and loose conditions during our tests, where for sure it ended up providing incredible control and grip.

There are a few folding and wire-beaded tire choices, when it comes to the Neveegal, and each of them comes with a different tire construction for efficient grip in hard and loose conditions. We found the tire’s construction was for example made of soft rubber, which provided great grip in steep terrain.

One common thing with all Neveegal tires that we go to test was that they had an amazing speed rating, durability, grip, and ability to operate in any kind of terrain and weather. This made us to come to conclusion that Kenda Neveegal is one of the best mountain bike tires that is currently available in leading outlets as well as in online stores such as Amazon.

Kenda Neveegal Tire

Save 38%

  • The 2.35 inch version makes use of Kenda’s DTC
  • Has an amazing super soft rubber material that yields superb grip
  • Excellent speed rating
  • Designed to last for a very long time

If you really want an affordable high-quality mountain bike tire, you don’t need to buy any other models. Look out for any of these three models, and we can assure that you won’t regret it.