Top 5 Best Commuter Bikes of 2016


If anyone ask about such a vehicle, which is good for environment, health even can save time and money, the name of road bike will be the right answer. Commuting on road bikes is the greatest way of travelling whether it’s about moving within the town,city or about a long tour. Because this saves your time, money as well as improves your physical fitness through exercises.

But if anyone does not own a perfect bike for himself/herself, the scenario can be just the opposite. It can deteriorate the physical condition of the riders even can take more time while commuting. So, for every cyclist who commutes regularly on his/her road bike, it is a must to choose the perfect best road bicycle for himself/herself.

To do this difficult work easily, this article is going to help you. In this section, we are going to provide information about top five best commuter bikes of 2016.

What is Commuter Bike:

Although it may seem like all bikes are for same utility purpose, this concept is actually wrong one. There are different kinds of bicycles for various uses. Even they are categorized based on their uses.

Consequently, commuter bike has its own nature of utility. Among various types of bicycles like Touring bicycles, Mountain bicycles, Roadster bicycles, Utility bicycles, Dutch bicycles, and many more, Commuter bike is from Hybrid bicycle category.

Commuter bikes are hybrid designed bikes which are built specially for commuting over short or long distances. It generally features derailleur gearing, 700c wheels with fairly light 1.125 inch (28 mm) tires, a carrier rack, full fenders, and a frame with suitable mounting points for fastening riders various load-carrying baskets or panniers.

Moreover, a well-equipped commuter bike typically comes with front and rear lights for convenient uses in the early morning or late evening hours so that riders can have a secure and relaxed ride for the whole day long in their busy life.

However, before making any purchase riders should know some basic factors that will help them choosing the best one.

The Best Five:

Considering all mentioned focused factors,  at last we have selected the best five commuter bikes of 2016 for you. This bikes are competent enough to take you in any kind of trail with much comfort and reliability.

Diamondback Bicycles 2016 Haanjo Metro Complete

Diamondback Bicycles represents this wonderful well equipped road bike that can give you a reliable and comfortable ride. 2016 Haanjo Metro Complete bike is a quiet capable one for giving you support in your urban busy life.

2016 Haanjo Metro

However, this bike is constructed with undestroyable 6061 aluminum alloy frame. This helps the bike to deliver its maximum durable yet sturdy performance. Its relaxed frame geometry allows the riders to have more comfy upright position than the others. This helps to allay strain from rider’s body which can be caused by the improper cycling position.

Haanjo Metro owns a developed high performing drivetrain which is Shimano 1×9-speed. This drivetrain includes steel forks, Forged Alloy Arm, 38t crankset, Sealed cartridge bottom bracket, Shimano Acera Shifters and rear derailleur and Shimano HG309, 11-34, 9-speed rear cogs. All these well made equipments provide a wide range of gear options that helps the riders in their each travel.

Moreover, this bike has Tektro mechanical disc brakes along with Tektro 2 finger linear pull brake levers. Disc brakes allows the riders to have more control on their ride, no matter what kind of terrain is ahead. Disc brakes will keep working even after you bent your rim. So this braking system can provide riders a safe and reliable ride.

Its DB Equation CX rims, Schwalbe Citizen with Kevlar Guard, 700 x 42 tires along with 700c wheel size give the bike a better stopping and rolling power with a less effort. However, if you are a regular urban commuter, this bike is a perfect choice for your commutation in any kind of trail.

Diamondback Bicycles 2016 Haanjo Metro Complete
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Charge Bikes Plug 1 Complete Bike – 2016

Plug 1 Complete Bike is a creation of Charge Bikes which is the second best commuter bike among our selection. However, this bike is capable enough to provide you  a smooth, versatile and durable ride on any kind of rough-and-tumble road.

Charge Bikes

This bike is designed with 6061 T6 aluminum frame which gives the bike strength along with durability. However, the neutral geometry of the frame of this bike is quite capable to provide a comfortable long ride. Its 42 t Charge Track crankset with 16 t DNP freewheel/fixed cassette, gives the bike a new dimension of good performance.

This bike possess Cantilever brake type with [calipers] Tektro CR-710, [levers] Tektro RL-340 brakeset  that helps the bike to own the attribute of responsiveness and effectiveness. No matter what kind of trail you are covering, with this brake system you are going to have a safe,smooth, effective and prompt response.  

Furthermore, this bike owns 700 c X 42 mm size tires of Kenda Kwick Tendril which gives a smoothness of rolling in any type of terrain even is craggy roads as well. Charge has structured the stem of this bike with alloy. Its wide saddle gives the riders to enjoy a comfortable ride for even long time.

However, this bike has burly wheels, rack and developed fender along with solid components. All these features help the bike to provide riders for having a trustworthy commutation.

Charge Bikes Plug 1 Complete Bike - 2016
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Women’s 02-16-1553 2016 HaanJenn Road Bike

Women’s 02-16-1553 2016 HaanJenn can be used as your reliable regular commuter bike. This bike is presented by Diamondback Bicycles.

2016 Hanjeen Road Bike

The specialty of this bike is its frame geometry, which is built for women for their comfortable riding position. With women’s specific aluminum alloy frame, this bike owns Endurance Geometry which helps to have a comfy position every time in your ride on different kinds of terrains.

Its Gravel Disc alloy fork provides riders steering precision that can help them to be more faster in their commutation. Further, this bike has Shimano Sora 9-speed drivetrain with FSA cranks which provides much reliable shifting performance and worry-free riding experience.

Along with Avid disc brakes 2016 HaanJenn can give you the surety of effective responsive stopping competence. In any kind of trail or even in steeper roads wherever you take this excellent bike, it will save you by giving the maximum functionality of its highly made components.

Its fat 40c tires can give you true multi road capability that can satisfy your thirst for riding. With Flat handlebars you can enjoy a familiar, comfortable riding position indeed. This bike comes with Silver in Amazon.

Women's 02-16-1553 2016 HaanJenn Road Bike
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2016 Haanjo Complete Alternative Road Bike

If you want a wallet-friendly bike which can give you the long endurance riding experience with comfort ability, 2016 Haanjo Complete Alternative Road Bike is waiting for you. This wonderful bike obtains DB Gravel Disc alloy fork which gives the bike a new dimension in having long ride smoothly. However, this bike is constructed with 6061-T6 aluminum frame material that provides the bike the opportunity of being  durable yet rigid. This frame material is a treated version of aluminum that can provide an perfect combination of low weight and strength.

2016 Haanjo Complete Alternative Road Bike

The headset of this bike is 1 1/8 – 1.5 in ACB. With Shimano Sora Shifters, Haanjo 2016 Complete Alternative Road Bike offers riders a wide range of gearing options that will help the riders to get their expected velocity of the ride.

Moreover, This excellent one possess a larger head tube angle than traditional road bikes that allows the riders to stay more upright as they voyage the bike lanes and traffic lights. Again, the endurance geometry provides such comfy position that creates  less tension in the rider’s neck and shoulder, especially when they ride to work with a full commuting knapsack.

2016 Haanjo Complete Alternative comes with Shimano’s 9-speed drivetrain and Compact Tiagra cassette that offer a broad compass of gear ratios and promise to give an unequivocal, accordant functionality whether you are commuting to work or aiming for a tour on a weekend with your bike.

The Haanjo is well-equipped to handle nettled or smooth filth trails in addition to abrasive roads with its aptly-named 40c Kenda Happy Medium tires. Moreover, with Avid Disc brakes this bike owns a great power of prompt response that helps riders to have a safe ride on any kind of steeper or hostile trail.  

2016 Haanjo Complete Alternative Road Bike
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Women’s C1 Dutch Style Step-Thru Single-Speed City Bike

Women who want a bike that will meet their expectations of comfortable riding with effective functioning, fun, style, errands, and fitness, are highly recommended to have a test drive of Women’s C1 Dutch Style Step-Thru Single-Speed City Bike. This bike is presented by PUBLIC Bikes.

PUBLIC Bikes Women's C1 Dutch Style Step

However, this stylish bike is designed in such a way that women can ride this with a great feeling of pleasure, comfiness and reliability. This bike  dutch style single speed bike is a competent one which is affordable enough for regular commuting or casual riding across the town.

This fashionable bike owns Hassle-free single-speed drivetrain which is specially designed for easy pedaling on plane trails and luminance-to-mild hills. Although this bike comes with hi-tensile steel frame, it is enough durable and lightweight for casual or regular uses. Its falcate shape along with clear, step-through Dutch frame design ensures the facility of user-friendly everyday clothing.

Moreover, this bike features modern dual pivot alloy brakes which enable the prompt functioning capability when needed. This bike owns upright handlebars that helps to provide riders a comfy upright position, simultaneously  battle against the trains of their physics. Its color-matching fenders and chainguard are very much attractable to the color or fashion conscious women.


Top 5 Best Commuter Bikes of 2016

However, women who really want a stylish yet well equipped bike for their regular commutation, are highly suggested for Women’s C1 Dutch Style Step-Thru Single-Speed City Bike. This bike is waiting for you with its all well performing components and records to provide you a standard riding experience.

Women's C1 Dutch Style Step-Thru Single-Speed City Bike


Bikes that are used in our regular life for  casual commutation, have a  great influence on our whole working process. Because, if you don’t worth the right perfect bike for yourself, you are going to pay for this wrong decision for sure. So, choosing the best commuter bike for yourself is very crucial yet important.

Sincere cyclists who commute with their wheeled-vehicle, never compromise with their equipment rather they search for highly performed bikes that can give them the ultimate utility in their regular uses. Your right decision of choosing a perfect bike will lead you to your destination in time. Consequently, that will help you to get your success of life faster compared to others. So, it is high time you should choose the perfect one for you.